How 3rd Party Contest Apps Work on Your Twitter Profile Page

Twitter profile pages don’t have tabs like Facebook pages, so how do you run a contest on one?


3rd Party Contest Apps like Wishpond’s connect to business’ Twitter accounts, but have the contests live on hosted web pages that include the look-and-feel of Twitter (they even use the background image from the business’ Twitter profile page).

The contest is hosted on a third-party site with the look and feel of your Twitter profile page.

To add the contest on your Twitter profile page, you simply need to connect your Twitter account with the app during the contest setup process and the hosted page is created automatically. You can then make a post to your fans, followers and email list with a link back to this page to enter your contest.

Users connect to the app using Twitter. A tweet is then automatically sent from their account that includes the same link back to the contest.

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