Using Twitter Promoted Tweets to Boost Your Contest

What are Promoted Tweets?

Twitter Advertising is a powerful platform to target new users and give your contest a boost! Promoted Tweets are regular tweets bought by businesses who want to reach a larger group of users or to liven engagement from their existing followers.

How do you identify Promoted Tweets?

As you can see, the tweet looks almost exactly like a normal tweet. The only difference is the grey text that says, “Promoted by….” and “Followed by…” Promoted Tweets appear in your home timeline with tweets from your followers, or in a search query when you click on a Promoted Trend.


How does Twitter decide whose timeline to post Promoted Posts on?

The Promoted Tweet will only show up in your timeline once if the tweet is relevant to you as a user. Twitter decides if it will be at least interesting or relevant to the user. Twitter uses many different factors to determine which Promoted Tweets are relevant. This includes what a user follows, how he interacts with a Tweet, what he retweets, and more.


How do you use Promoted Tweets to boost your contest?

To advertise your contest, use Promoted Tweets to amplify your message with targeting options on Twitter, and across mobile devices to reach the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

Twitter’s Promoted Tweets are a great way for your business to promote your contest. It doesn’t cost much and can go a long way if used correctly. The secret of Promoted Tweets is to make sure you are targeting those people who are actually interested in your offer.

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