Running Twitter Campaigns – Pro Tips


Pro Tips for Maximizing Your Contest

  1. Post about your contest frequently

  2. Run contests for 1-2 weeks at a time

  3. Run contests frequently (1-2 per month) – this will keep users engaged with your Page, which will boost your Page’s EdgeRank and in turn create more and more engagement with your Twitter profile page (yes, just like a snowball!)

  4. Unless you’re Apple or an electronics retailer, never give away an iPad as a prize. People who enter our contest are people who are interested in iPads, not your brand.

  5. Converting those people into customers will be next to impossible. For this reason, always make the prize a gift card to your store, or an item you sell.

  6. Post your contests on popular contesting websites. These website attract thousands of users per day who love to enter and share contests and can bring you tons of entrants like Facebook, especially if you don’t currently have many followers.

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