Promoted Tweets, Accounts, and Trends

To give your content and Twitter account an added boost, Twitter Advertising is a great product.

But keep one thing in mind: Just because you promote yourself, don’t think that it will make your feed or tweet go viral.

For a tweet to actually become popular and drive a large amount of engagement, the content itself has to make a deep connection with your audience.

New: Launched in January of this year (2013), you can now manage ad campaigns through API’s such as Adobe, HootSuite, Salesforce, SHIFT and TBG Digital.

There are three options to promote your company on Twitter:

  • Promoted Tweets
  • Promoted Accounts
  • Promoted Trends

Promoted Tweets

Promoted Tweets can be used to amplify your message to targeted groups and geographic locations. They let you extend the reach of your best tweets to the right person, in the right place, at the right time. Since Twitter is easily accessible on mobile, the geographic location feature works particularly well so you have a physical location for your business.

Promoted Tweets can be used in search. So, when a user is searching for your particular keywords, your tweet will show up in their search results.

Promoted Tweets can be used in timelines. So, your tweet will show up in followers’ feeds at or near the top when they refresh their timeline. Your tweet also extends to users similar to your followers, generating more interest in your company.

Here is an example of a promoted tweet, from @VirginAmercia:


Promoted Accounts

Promoted Accounts let you quickly be seen and followed by influencers and advocates of your brand. They are a great way to expand or build your follower base.

Promoted Accounts are shown in the Twitter section of “Who To Follow”, located on the left hand side of your Twitter feed. The “Who To Follow” section is Twitter’s recommendation engine that identifies accounts similar to the user, and helps followers discover new businesses, people and content.

With a Promoted Account, you will show up in users “Who To Follow” list who have been identified as having most similar interests to your company. These campaigns can be geo-targeted by country.

Here is an example from the Twitter Promoted Accounts page:


Promoted Trends

Promoted Trends can build mass awareness to your brand or product. They are great to use for a product launch or event, and to build brand by association.

A Promoted Trend shows up in the Trends section, on the left hand side of a user’s feed. Trends show what topics are currently trending this moment. They can be changed by geographic location, and are based on the users’ interests.

By creating a Promoted Trend, your brand is exposed to your consumer in a mass way, and can successfully drive interest to your product, service or event.

Here is an example of a Promoted Trend for #SmallBizSat by @AmericanExpress:


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