Capturing Leads using Gated Content

Pproviding relevant content is one of the best ways to drive clicks. But once you get a targeted user to click – what’s next?

The best way to capture this targeted lead is to direct them to a gated page where they can download a piece of content by filling out a short contact form. This allows you to capture the contact information of each lead that comes in, and turn them into future customers.

In the example below, Wishpond is offering a free ebook on Facebook Contests & Promotions. The form on the right-side asks visitors for several pieces of contact, personal and business information in order to access the ebook. The information you ask for in this form should be the minimum you need for your sales team to be able to call each lead personally.

In this example Wishpond gets enough information for us to easily research who the lead is and their business, and contact them by phone or email.

Once you have a leads information, you can then add them to a drip email list to send them regular emails to nurture a lead, and/or contact them directly to speak about your products and services.


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