How to Effectively Sell to Targeted Leads: Follow-up Emails


In Chapter Graph. Now let’s see how you can use Wishpond’s Customer Intelligence dashboard to export segmented email lists with the specific attributes of different buyer personas.

In the Customer Intelligence dashboard you can use the Create a Segment tool to create a segment will the attributes of specific buyer personas. You can create segments based on age, gender, city, country, interests (Facebook Likes) and p4 we looked at how to use Contests to pull user data via Facebook’s Open ast contests and promotions entered. Simply select the specific attributes for your buyer persona and click Create Segment. This will show you the number of contacts you have within that segment.

Once you have your segment set, click the Export emails as CSV button. This will export the list into a CSV (spreadsheet) file, which will contain each of the data points of each contact.

Once you have exported the CSV file you can easily import it into your email service provider. Below you can see how it can easily be done using MailChimp. All you need to do is copy and paste cells from the CSV file into the Import fields and you’re done!

Once you have your segmented lists, you can start sending hyper-targeted emails to boost your conversion rate. Each email can now be written and design based on interests, demographics and behavior. This will ensure that every email you send is relevant to the recipient and will boost your open and click-through rates.


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