How to Effectively Sell to Targeted Leads: Warm Phone Calls

Once you’ve collected a leads phone number through gated content and have seen them downloading your content on a regular basis, you can do a warm call to get them interested in becoming your customers. When you make this first call they will already be familiar with your company, your industry and maybe even with your products. This will make it easy to setup a follow-up meeting.

In your first call discuss aspects of the ebooks you have tracked them downloading and what their biggest interests in your industry are and what they need. Invite them to a personal strategy session or product demo to see how you can help them. Don’t try to sell them on the first call. They trust your company’s opinions and insight, but you still need to create a personal trust before selling them on your products and services.

If you can streamline this process of creating highly-targeted, warm leads that your sales team can call, the conversion rate and efficiency of your sales team will go through the roof, and you will be able to convert more customers, more efficiently.


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