Social Media ROI – How to Achieve: User Engagement with your Brand

What is User Engagement?

User engagement is any interaction a brand has with users outside of the traditional shopping experience. This occurs two ways:

  • Users interacting with content produced by a brand
  • Users creating content that incorporates a brand
  • Users asking a brand questions (on social networks)

Why do Brands need User Engagement? What does it do to benefit my business?

The more engaged your users are with your website, the more influence you are likely to have. Genuine engagement can result to more leads and increase your sales. Effective and successful websites are not just visited, but they are engaged with. User engagement offers a satisfactory experience and those who visit your website might turn into customers.

How Do Brands Create User Engagement?

If you want users to interact with your business or your brand, you need to make sure you have a solid content strategy that can keep the traffic returning to your site.This is achieved over time by being active and posting fresh content continuously. Using videos and images on your site is important to provide balance with your written content. Visuals are often more popular because they can easily be absorbed. For an effective social media engagement, you need to provide your users with content that is relevant and personal. Your fans will respond better when they are given specifics as to what to respond to, so call your fans to action when you want them to comment on a post or like a statement.


Contests are a great way to engage your social media audience, gain a meaningful number of new customers and raise awareness for your brand. Most contests are easy for participants to enter and therefore attract a large number of contestants.

Contests create a positive consumer association with your brand by offering tangible rewards for participation. Actively involving consumers in the campaign creates a unique way to inform them of new products and make them advocates for your brand.


How to Drive Engagement with your Products on your Website

  • Run contests on facebook that require users to pin items from your site
  • Do scavenger hunts that require users to find certain items (or easter eggs) on your site to drive product views
  • Add Social Plugins to your website
  • Provide a comments section after each article
  • Prompt readers to engage in your comment section by asking a question at the end of your blog posts

Brands That Are Creating Great Engagement with Their Users:

  1. Show users new ways to use your products and give them reasons to purchase your products
  2. Get customers sharing, liking, commenting on and recommending your brand, products and services to their friends and followers

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