Content Marketing with Social Media on St. Patricks Day


Creating buzz around holidays and occasions takes more than just a post here and there. The use of various social networks will help you become more in sync with St. Patrick’s Day and tie the hype of the holiday with your business.


Posting about topics, holidays, and current events that Facebook users are already thinking about tend to go more viral than other posts. It’s all about timing!

For example, posts that mentioned Independence Day on July 4th created somewhere near 90% more engagement than all other types of posts published that day.

What kind of content is best to post on Facebook?

  • Photos on Facebook Pages receive 53% more likes than the average post
  • Photos attract 104% more comments than the average post
  • Fill-in-the-blank posts generate about 90% more engagement than the average text post

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Google+ is home to the tech-savvy. Which means outdated posts are not going to bode well with your audience. Relevant and trending topics are to be paid attention to. Keep track of when St. Patrick’s Day is trending on Google+ so you can get on top of it at the best time.

The content shared by successful businesses such as Rogue Fitness always include images that appeal to their target market and the occasional links to tips, facts, promotions, and videos and relevant content. Posting links to your original content will get indexed by Google and improve your SEO.

A significant part of Google+ that’s often forgotten is the hashtag. Yes, the hashtag works on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.

It’s key to understand their significance on Google+:

  • Makes searching for topics easier
  • Great way for users to stumble across your posts
  • Combining your Circles strategy with hashtags will optimize your SEO not only on Google+, but Google search results as well


Pinterest is a powerful platform for interaction and purchase intent. Yet as of October 2012, 71% of businesses were not on Pinterest. Pinterest users spend more money, more often on more items than any other of the top 5 social platforms.

Sephora has reported that Pinterest followers buy 15 times more Sephora products per-capita than Facebook followers. That’s huge!

This makes St. Patrick’s Day the perfect time to utilize Pinterest. Consumers are on the hunt for those shamrocks, green t-shirts, leprechaun shot glasses, etc. Be the retailer to provide them with what they’re looking for.

Employ these tactics on Pinterest:

  • Show your followers how to incorporate your products
  • Make a board dedicated to Saint Patrick’s Day
  • Don’t just pin your products, pin photos that pertain to your business
  • Solve any problems or questions you think they may have with tips


It’s hard to get heard with all of the noise on Twitter. There are approximately 3,000 tweets sent per second! So make your tweets exciting. In less than 140 characters, you have to grab the attention of your audience.

Giving followers a peek into behind-the-scenes can go a long way. To the audience, it feels exclusive. It’s necessary to provide content that they feel is worth their time.

Seeing the word “photoshoot” associated with a picture automatically gives the viewer a feeling of exclusivity. Find words relative to your industry and St. Patrick’s Day that makes your audience feel special.



Instagram must be utilized correctly in order to get the message you want across to your followers. It can be a useful platform to feature general images, photography, contests, quotes and short messages.

It’s important to focus on not only your products, but also on other content your followers will find interesting. Make a balance between promoting your St. Patrick’s Day merchandise and uploading pertinent phrases, images, etc.

Making use of hashtags is important on Instagram. Your businesses images will be found by more people, and you can even invent your own. Tag your St. Patricks Day posts with #stpatricksday or #stpattysday to attract people interested the occasion.

If relatable, use these other popular St. Patrick’s Day hashtags:

  • #shamrock
  • #leprechaun
  • #green
  • #Ireland
  • #Irish
  • #clover
  • #parade
  • #stpattys
  • #stpatricksparade
  • #stpats

Quick Tip: Want to create even more buzz on St. Patrick’s day? Consider running a St. Patrick’s Day Contest.

Cheers, and have a great St Patty’s!


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