7 Tips to Promote Your Business by Promoted Tweets

Twitter has over 500 million users. As part of your online branding, your business is likely to be here.

Are you using promoted tweets, accounts and trends as part of how you twitter for business?

Here are 7 Tips to boost your brand by promoted tweets:

  1. Promote Great Content
  2. Focus On Events
  3. Increase your Budget
  4. Own the Hashtag
  5. Geotarget
  6. Promote Tweets That Will Be Shared
  7. Drive Action

1. Promote Great Content:
Make your content engaging and interesting; think informational or inspirational, not salesy. Remember, a Promoted Tweet is only the beginning of a long engagement conversation. You’ll need to continue tweeting great, shareable content via both regular and Promoted Tweets, so your followers continue to get frequent updates on your messages and promotions.

2. Focus on Events:
Make your ad spends exciting, and time based. Promote events you are having to spread the word quickly and exponentially.

3. Increase your Budget:
Twitter recommends using up to 6 tweets in a rotation for your Promoted Tweet campaigns – all aimed at one specific landing page. Having 6 different tweets to play with means you can tweak messaging, create a story, and give additional info about your campaign or offering.

4. Own the Hashtag:
Promoted Tweets are a great way to introduce a new hashtag you intend to use either for an event, new product, or new brand campaign. Introduce and use the new hashtag in all your Promoted Tweets. Make sure that the Promoted Tweet you’re purchasing contains phrases and keywords that are directly relevant to your business.

5. Geotarget:
Even if your business doesn’t operate in one geographic place, target your Promoted Tweets to an area where your demographic lives. Start by targeting traffic that’s more specific than U.S.-based so you aren’t wasting your money on people who won’t buy.

6. Promote Tweets That Will Be Shared:
As with any social media push, you need to provide consumers with “information they can use.” When using Promoted Tweets, make sure to give readers a reason to either follow you or retweet your message. If they simply read your message but take no action, you have missed a major opportunity for engagement.

7. Drive Action:
Focus on Promoted Tweets that promise to deliver immediate value if readers click through. Mentioning that you’re an awesome company is far less effective than describing why you can make a difference in people’s lives. Make the call to action clear, and time based to drive quick retweets and click throughs.

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