New! Twitter Upgrades Ad Tools for Small Business

Today, Twitter announced two new ad features to their already successful promotional tools for business.

Now, eligible US businesses have access to:

  • New Targeting Options
  • Advanced Interface

New Targeting Options:

The new targeting features include being able to advertise directly to followers of those with a similar interest to your company. For example, if a travel related company were promoting itself, it could target users who were like those who follow @travelchannel,  @TravelMagazine @fodorstravel

Businesses in the self-service advertising program can also target their ads to interest categories. This makes marketing to a your niche market a whole lot easier. You can, for example, specifically word your messages to engage with your targeted market. For example, if your travel business is promoting an adventure tour for river rafting in the Grand Canyon, you can choose from over 350 interest categories that are relevant. And you can message your tweets to specifically mention these interests.

Additionally, self-serve advertisers have the option to choose the exact devices and platforms on which the Promoted Tweets are displayed. This is particularly useful for apps, or other products designed for one particular device. For example, a Blackberry app could be directed to Blackberry devices. Or an Android, or Apple, or Samsung, etc.

And, like Facebook, gender is now an option when you are targeting.

Advanced Interface

Great news for the more experience self-service advertisers: you can now have access to Twitter’s advanced interface. This means more campaign control options, more detailed analytics and reporting options, and better optimization for your multiple campaigns.

Twitter has made it easy for you to switch to the advance interface through your dashboard, if you are already a self-service advertiser.

Twitter’s  self-service advertising platform is still only available by invitation to U.S.-based businesses. They anticipate rolling this out internationally later this year.

For more information, visit the self-service site on

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