Tumblr for Business – Types of Content

Is there room on Tumblr for my business?  Tumblr is a powerful tool for many businesses to showcase their products and gain traction with their followers.

This article is part of a six part series by Wishpond. This series will explore the business benefits of the social media platform, Tumblr, and how it can help your online marketing efforts.

Types of Content

There are seven different types of content your business can post.  Tumblr uses a visual header whenever users are creating a new post that showcases each different type  We’ll explain each one with some examples and practical business applications.




Text is the most basic form of content.  Contrary to it’s name, text posts can contain pictures and other media.  Users with a knowledge of HTML can even add formatting and do a variety of other things to text posts.  Unlike Twitter, there is no maximum character cap.


Here is an example of a text post with some pictures.  Text posts most resemble the most traditional form of blogging.

A good way to use this is to use Tumblr as a blogging tool.  Provide information about your products, services, or any new updates for your company.


Photo posts are some of the most popular types of posts on Tumblr.  Here, users can post up several photos at once as an album and add some explanatory text.

Here, Sharpie uses a photo album to show a some liberal uses of their product.  While they’re not tying the photo post to any promotion or contest, it still has the potential to get people talking and attract new followers.



A quote post lets users highlight a particular quote they enjoy or find inspirational.


Quotes can be used in a business context to create engagement with your target market.    Use inspirational quotes that are related to your business and like minded followers may reblog and share it with their friends.


Link posts are similar to quote posts, but highlight a link.  For businesses, this can be useful for drawing attention to a promotion or sale, to bring customers back to a specific landing page.


A chat is a unique type of post to Tumblr.  Users can simulate a conversation between two or more people and it will show up in dialogue format.  Businesses could potentially use this for product descriptions or giving information about your company, but this is very rarely used (if at all).  Still, this feature is much more suited for individuals for personal use (to retell a humorous conversation, for example).


This allows users to post up a music or sound clip to their followers.  This file can be uploaded directly from the computer or can be linked from an external source.  If your business has anything to do with music, this type of content is key to spreading awareness.



Adding video content to blogs is very useful from a business point of view.  If there are any promotional or YouTube videos created by the business, it would be a good idea to share them on Tumblr as well.  Although this is not necessarily limited to Tumblr, making an explanatory video is a great way to boost a promotion, so businesses should take care to post their promotional content on Tumblr as well as their other social media sites.


A fan uploading an old Brad Pitt commercial

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