3 Business Tips to Learn From Lenovo

Starting as a small business in China developing hardware that allowed Chinese characters to be read on computers, Lenovo has become a multinational powerhouse.   Lenovo’s focus on innovation and excellence covers not only their products, but their marketing efforts as well.

Here are three marketing techniques businesses can learn from Lenovo:

  1. Help customers find the exact product they are looking for.
  2. Maintain high levels of user engagement on Facebook.
  3. Create Youtube videos that explain your products or add value to your brand.

1. Help customers find the exact product they are looking for

For many customers who do not know much about computers, having an expert to help them during a purchase is invaluable.  To help their customers, Lenovo provides an automated expert known as the PC Finder that does exactly that.  

The PC Finder asks a series of questions to the user, letting them prioritize the features they want while specifying their price range.  After a five minute test, users enter their contact information to receive a personalized recommendation sent to their email.  By doing this, Lenovo…

  • Directs potential customers to products that best suit their needs
  • Gains customer contact information which can be useful for future promotions
  • Gathers data about customer preferences

Customer service representatives also have more time to deal with high priority issues from customers like technical support or payment issues.  However, Lenovo still makes an effort to offer one-on-one live chat options for all customers who have any questions.

What can your business learn from this?

  • Give customers the information they need to make a purchase.  
  • Have exceptional service for both regular customers and just users.  
  • If you use an automated system like this, make sure it is smooth and intuitive.  

2. Maintain high levels of engagement on Facebook

Lenovo does a good job of posting up interesting content on their Facebook wall.  A mixture of product promotion and interesting topics keeps a healthy level of discussion and engagement between the company and their fans.

While this is good practice for any business with access to social media, Lenovo goes the extra mile and directly interacts with fans in the comments section.  Users feel more connected to a Facebook account that can actually hold a conversation with them, as opposed to one that only posts content and then ignores all feedback.

What can your business learn from this?

  • Provide high quality content on your Facebook page that acts as a talking point.  Relevant news articles, photos, and interesting stories are good places to start.  
  • Include your products and promotions on your page, but don’t let it overwhelm your other content.  
  • Spend the time to actually talk with your fans.  If you treat them as more than just sales leads, they may treat you as more than just a business.  

3. Create YouTube videos that explain your products or add value to your brand

Lenovo has a healthy collection of YouTube content, with some videos reaching into the hundreds of thousands.  The company uses videos very well, with some videos covering the benefits of their products while spending a lot of time on other content that may be interesting to fans.  

Examples include:

  • Popular Lenovo commercials
  • Highlights of exciting new Lenovo products and technology
  • Technology talks with experts
  • Behind the scenes interviews with Lenovo employees
  • Detailed convention videos (such as CES, a consumer electronics show)

It is important to note that many comments on YouTube are personally replied to by Lenovo, which is probably one of the contributing factors to the high level of traffic for their videos.

Obviously, Lenovo is a multinational company with many employees dedicated to producing commercials and content.  Do not be overly concerned about achieving the same scope of success as Lenovo in this category. But, learn from their example.

What can your business learn from this?

  • Use YouTube as a way to demonstrate any new products or services, especially if it is complex.  Customers will not buy a product they do not understand.
  • If your followers or customers show interest to a theme or a topic that is related to your product, make a video about it.  In this case, Lenovo spends a lot of time talking about technology trends.  

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