7 eCommerce Tips: Learning from Apple

7 iCommerce Tips: Learning From Apple

As part of our ongoing commitment to making retailers into the best online marketers they can be, at Wishpond, we recently conducted a series of case studies on top performing e-retailers. Particularly, we took a look at social media marketing strategies, and show how you can learn from these top performers.

We know you’re busy too, so we put a few into slideshares

Apple is the global giant in eCommerce.

In this slideshare, we show you some of the small stuff Apple does to make its indoctrinated consumers coming back for more, and how you can too.

7 iCommerce Tips: Learning From Apple from Wishpond

At Wishpond, we want you to succeed in your social media marketing. That’s why we developed easy to use social promotion apps, and put them into our Social Marketing Suite. You gain access to all our contest, sweepstakes and group deal apps, which work on Twitter, Facebook, and your website.


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