Zappos: 5 Social Marketing Tips to Learn

As part of our ongoing commitment to making retailers into the best online marketers they can be, at  Wishpond, we recently conducted a series of case studies on top performing e-retailers. Particularly, we took a look at social media marketing strategies, and show how you can learn from these top performers.

We know you’re busy too, so we put a few into  slideshares

Zappos is one of the most successful online retailers. Founded in 1999, it has seen soaring success in online shoe sales.

Learn how Zappos has continued its success through social media marketing, and how you can use these tips too.

5 marketing strategies you can learn from Zappos to boost your business from Wishpond

At  Wishpond, we want you to be the best marketer you can be. That’s why we’ve created a whole range of social promotion apps – making your successes a little easier.

Our  Social Marketing Suite gives you a range of easy to use social promotion apps, provides exclusive analytics for you to track and measure all of your achievements, and enables you to export, import and send targeted, direct emails. All of our marketing apps work on Twitter, Facebook and websites.


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