Earth Day: 5 Last Minute Tips for Online Marketers

More than 1 billion people take part in Earth Day each year. This annual movement is about taking action to protect the planet we live on. On April 22nd each year, individuals, communities, organizations and governments raise awareness of the civic observance.

How can your business get involved in the most celebrated environmental event of the year? It may seem like everyone has started marketing for the event long ago and you’re feeling behind. Don’t fret, there’s still time to show your business cares. 

First, you need to be aware of the global theme of Earth Day this year: The Face of Climate Change. The hashtag associated with it is  #FaceOfClimate. The hashtag  #EarthDay and  #EarthDay2013 are also worth looking into, although the popularity for each varies by social network.

Below are several ways to show your social responsibility for this particular celebration:

1. Upload pictures of your staff/coworkers including themselves in the global mosaic Earth Day Network is building  here.

It takes minimal effort and will show your support for the day. Many businesses are showing their support of the initiative this year by uploading their photos.

Then, share the picture(s) on your social networks to show your support.

Now that you’ve shown your business cares about our planet, it’s time to take some action.


2. Reduce and recycle as a company.

Reducing your waste is an easy way to show your passion for Earth Day. This doesn’t have to be a time consuming activity, either. Check out a list like BC Hydro’s  “Green Your Business” and see what actions your company can take.

Retailers such as  Staples and  London Drugs let you recycle a variety of electronics. Have a few monitors, computers or batteries lying around that don’t work anymore? Take time out of your day to drop them off. You can even do it on the weekend before Earth Day. Encourage staff to take these actions in their personal life as well.

Tweeting about it can help build the fact your company is taking action for Earth Day. For example, “Today we dropped off 30 printer cartridges and 50 batteries to London Drugs for recycling!”

3. Suggest to customers actions they can take to participate in Earth Day.

There are many different that require different amounts of effort – such as: planting trees, recycling items, buying eco-friendly products, using less paper, wasting less water, turning off the lights, etc.


4. Share efforts various companies have taken over the years.

advances people and companies have made show that not only do you care about your efforts in saving the planet, but everyone’s initiatives.

The below infographic features AT&T’s tree planting successes. Share this infographic (and/or ones alike) on all of your social networks and label it accordingly.  #EarthDay  #FaceOfClimate#gogreen, etc.You can view the magnified version of the infographic  here.

Statistics and quotes on environmentally-friendly subjects can work well on Twitter. To make quotes and stats visually appealing, try putting them together onto an infographic or small design. Then they can be syndicated onto various social networks such as Pinterest, Instagram, your blog, and more.

5. Have fans and followers raise brand awareness while spreading the word about Earth Day.

Pose questions and/or have fans and followers make Earth Day content viral. Below, Canadian Geographic asks followers to raise awareness of  #EarthDay, while also they are raising their brand awareness. You can support Earth Day while broadening the reach of your business.


Written by: Cara@Wishpond


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