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Introduction to Wishpond’s landing page, contest & promotion apps integration with Mailchimp

Wishpond’s integration with Mailchimp allows marketers to export leads that they generate using Wishpond landing pages, contests and promotions to Mailchimp – including all personal information gathered using Wishpond’s customizable form fields.

Instead of having to deal with exporting and importing CSV files between multiple services, marketers can finally transfer their leads between their landing page builder and Mailchimp with just a few clicks.

Why did Wishpond integrate with MailChimp?

“Many of our clients are also Mailchimp clients and have been asking for a way to integrate the two services,” says Ali Tajskandar, Wishpond CEO & Founder. “Wishpond’s landing pages, contest and promotions apps are a huge driver of new email subscribers, so it made sense to automate the transfer of those emails directly into our clients’ email system.

How to create a landing page that’s integrated with Mailchimp

(FYI: The process is the same for all of Wishpond’s contest and promotion apps)


1. Create a Wishpond Account

Creating a Wishpond account is free – you only need to get on a paid plan or free trial once you are ready to publish your landing page, contest or promotion.

To create an account, you just need to enter your email address and create a password on


2. Click “ Create a Landing Page” on the Campaigns Dashboard




3. Choose a template

Wishpond has dozens of landing page templates to choose from to fit your goal. Each templates works on Facebook and all mobile and tablet devices.



4. Modify the template using Wishpond’s easy WYSIWYG creator

Using the WYSIWYG creator, you can modify elements and styles, as well as add your own images, videos and even Google Maps location. You can also completely customize the form, as seen below. You can add multiple choice fields, checkboxes, dropdown menus and more.



5. Choose where your landing page will appear (and more campaign options)

Once you’re done designing, you have a few more options for your landing page – on the second step of the Creation Wizard:

  • Choose where your landing page will appear: You can choose for your landing page to live on your Facebook Page, Twitter account, a Wishpond-hosted URL, your own sub-domain or embedded on your website
  • Entry Method: This gives you the option to add a CAPTCHA or Facebook account login step to your landing page form
  • Like-to-see Fan-Gating: This option allows you to require visitors to Like your Facebook Page to access your landing page. This option works no matter where your landing page appears (even off-Facebook) and on all mobile and tablet devices
  • Retargeting: This allows you to setup a retargeting ad to bring back visitors who abandon your landing page. Watch this video to see how retargeting works
  • Page Title, Description Meta Data & Facebook Share Image: Customize the page’s meta data and image that appears when it is shared on Facebook


6. Connect to your Mailchimp account and List

The final option on the second step of the Creation Wizard is where you connect to your Mailchimp account and choose the list to export leads to.


Click the green “Match Form Fields to List Columns” button will show the panel below. This makes it easy to tell Wishpond which Mailchimp List Column to add each leads’ personal information to.


That’s it! Now every time a lead signs up on your landing page, they will be exported directly to our Mailchimp List.

Alternatively, we can also do bulk exports of our landing page leads from the bottom of the Campaign Report:


Ready to get started?

Written by Nick Steeves

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