TV on Twitter? Thats No Joke.


Twitter is poised to be evolving yet again.

Not only have they recently made significant changes to their ad management and introduced 6 second video clips through Vine – they are now breaking into the television biz. No kidding.

Comedy Central will be airing a five-day comedy fest, with big names the likes of Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, and Amy Schumer. The festival will be not be streamed through your regular cable box. According to The New York Times it will be streamed almost entirely through Twitter.

Using the #ComedyFest hashtag, viewers can watch live stream Vine videos and read tweeted jokes.

According to The Verge, Comedy Central sees the value of digital interaction with viewers. They will soon be launching their own app, with exclusive comedy routines.

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Written by Krista Bunskoek, Content Marketer @ Wishpond



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