How Long Should Your Blog Post Be?


A common question about blogging is: how long should my blog posts be?

This article is part four of a ten part series by Wishpond. We explore the business benefits of blogging, and how it can help your online marketing efforts.

While the answer to this question varies, a typical blog post these days is 300 – 800 words. That doesn’t mean that your 200 word post is no good, or your 2,000 word post is unreadable.


There have been blog posts with no words, and they’ve been picked up by search engines. Prolific bloggers like Seth Godin typically write 200 words or less. Posts on the popular Social Media Examineraverage 1,500 words.

The length of your blog post will depend on what you have to say, and how long it takes to express. It will also depend on how much time in your busy day you have for writing blogs.

Typically, a business needs to be blogging at least twice a week. This keeps your content fresh which keeps search engines happy.

As a social media manager, small business marketer, or anyone with multiple responsibilities that include online marketing, keeping up with two blog posts a week requires strategic planning.

It’s okay to keep your posts short. But always be adding value to your customers to entice more traffic to your site, develop better customer relationships, and position yourself as an industry leader.

Make your posts readable and relevant. Include visuals, if this makes your posts connect better with your readership.

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Written by Krista Bunskoek, Director of PR @ Wishpond

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