12 Ideas for Great Blog Posts

A frequent question from fellow blogger and content marketers is: “What can I blog about?” When you are blogging regularly for your business, keeping your posts fresh and varied can be a fun challenge.

This article is part seven of a ten part series by Wishpond. We explore the business benefits of blogging, and how it can help your online marketing efforts.

Here are 12 types of posts for your blog:


  1. product tips

  2. case studies

  3. contests

  4. news about industry

  5. lifestyles

  6. news about company

  7. lists of great, relevant articles

  8. customer success stories

  9. interviews with industry leaders

  10. interviews with CEO and with staff in your company

  11. sweepstakes

  12. videos and multimedia


1. Product tips and how-to’s

Write tips about your products, and how to use them. For example, if you sell fishing gear – write about how to make lures, how to take care of your lines, or even when and where to fish.

2. Case studies

Write a brief case study of successes in your industry. Show your clients how these companies did well, and what your clients can learn from this.

3. Contests

Contests are a great way to add interactivity to your blog. Set up a simple vote contest, to get your customers to tell you their views. For example, if you are a retailer deciding on your next shipment of goods – set up a vote contest with three of your options. Let your customers tell you what they want from you.

(Here’s where I disclose my bias. Wishpond makes easy to use contest apps, with in-depth analytics and easy to export emails.)

4. News about industry

Write about breaking news in your industry, if it is relevant to your customers. This shows you as an industry leader, and as someone in the know.

5. Lifestyles

Blog about issues related to consumer lifestyles. For example, if you are in the kids clothing business – write about common concerns related to raising children. Make your blog into a hub for tips and conversations about the realities of motherhood.

6. News about company

If you are launching a new product, blog about it. If you have achieved a milestone that is relevant to your customers, write about it to let them know.

7.  Lists of great, relevant articles

You could write a blog post of the top 10 articles about a particular topic. Or list out the top 10 Facebook pages for your products.

Lists are a great way to provide information for your customers.

8. Customer success stories

Value your customers by showcasing them on your blog. If they have used your product or service and have achieved their goals and more, write about them. They will appreciate your praise and generosity in mentioning them.

9. Interviews with industry leaders

Seek out industry leaders, and interview them. Similar to a magazine, make your blog into a source for industry tips and personal stories by publishing interviews with success stories.

10. Interviews with CEO and staff in your company

You could set up a monthly interview schedule to showcase the talent within your own company. This can boost company morale, by interviewing everyone from the intern up to the CEO. It also puts a personal face to your brand for your customers.

11. Sweepstakes

Another great way to increase interaction on your blog is through sweepstakes. You can run them directly from your blog, and promote them through your other social media channels. Sweepstakes can get customers excited about your products, and your offers. By getting them to enter, you are creating interactivity.

(Again, I disclose my bias. Wishpond makes easy to use sweepstakes apps for your website, Facebook and Twitter.)

12. Videos and multimedia

Include other forms of communication such as videos, slideshares or infographics in your blog posts. They can be a great way to share information to your clients in a creative form. For example, video an interview with a client and post it to your business blog.


Written by Krista Bunskoek, Director of PR @ Wishpond

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