Relevant Social Media Marketing for Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is the largest card sending holiday of the year, and more consumers buy gifts for Mother’s Day than any other holiday, except Christmas. Restaurants capitalize on Mother’s Day because it’s the most popular day to dine out of the year.

So how do you make your business relevant to Mother’s Day through content marketing?

Let’s walk through four of the top social networks.


Content related to holidays, occasions, and current events that Facebook users are already thinking about tend to go more viral than other posts. This is  because the topic is on the vast majority of people’s minds anyways. Holidays are widely known and celebrated.

For example, posts that mentioned Independence Day on July 4th created somewhere near 90% more engagement than all other types of posts published that day. This is mainly because people are already excited about the holiday – it can be simple to tap into those emotions. So why not do the same for Mother’s Day?

The best types of Facebook posts:

  • Photos on Facebook Pages receive 53% more likes than the average post.
  • Photos attract 104% more comments than the average post
  • Fill-in-the-blank posts generate about 90% more engagement than the average text post.

Below, Hallmark provides an intriguing idea for cards from the kids. There’s no mess and the card is still personal. They have successfully made their product relevant to the holiday.



Google+ is home to the tech-savvy. Outdated and over-posted content is not going to please your audience. Relevant, fresh and trending topics are to be paid attention to. Keep track of when Mother’s Day is trending on Google+ so you can include your content in the madness.

Great posts on Google+ include an interesting image, the occasional link to interesting content, promotions, and videos. Posting links to your original content will get indexed by Google and improve your SEO. Make sure your links aren’t spammy and actually provide value to your audience.

The below post is a great solution for a Mother’s Day dessert. The post is optimized with appropriate hashtags pertaining to the recipe, as well as a link to the recipe.




Pinterest is a powerful tool for social promotions. Yet as of October 2012, 71% of businesses were not on Pinterest. Pinterest users spend more money, more often on more items than any other of the top 5 social platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc).

This makes Mother’s Day the perfect holiday to capitalize on Pinterest. Keep in mind, many women using Pinterest for holiday shopping ideas…


How women (70% of all Pinterest accounts) use Pinterest for holiday shopping:

  • 60% to find gift ideas
  • 26% to create a wishlist to share
  • 23% top in photos of gifts I’ve bought/made for others
  • 36% to do research on gifts for others that are already in consideration

image image


It’s hard to get heard with all of the noise on Twitter. There are approximately 3,000 tweets sent per second! So make your tweets exciting. In less than 140 characters, you have to grab the attention of your audience.

Giving followers a peek into behind-the-scenes can go a long way. To the audience, it feels like they’re VIP. It’s necessary to provide content that they feel is worth their time. You can tag the sneak peek with the hashtags #mothersday and #bts, which stands for “behind the scenes.”

Fergie does a great job of providing something exclusive. Her Mom doesn’t know what she’s getting for a Mother’s Day gift, but you do!




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