Tornado Week Powered by Twitter and Interns

(screenshot: youtube)

The Weather Channel has blown buzz generating engagement to new heights. To celebrate Tornado Week, a few Weather Channel interns thought live streaming, twitter and tornados would make a great mix.

Executives agreed. Now the clever interns themselves are being live-streamed in the office, while sitting in 124mph wind.

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The wind gets stronger based on the number of tweets viewers send using the hashtag #TornadoWeek. If the twitter campaign reaches 1 million mentions, viewers will get to watch a full F5 tornado – and some poor interns who may be thinking twice about their social media smarts.

Watch the livestream here:

This crazy stunt is brilliant social media marketing in action. By creating engaging content and promoting user interaction, the message of tornado awareness is loud and clear – and much farther reaching than a stagnant stream.

How can your business create more engaging content?

  • Ask interesting questions on Facebook or Twitter

  • Keep the content about you and your products to a minimum

  • Use social contests and coupons

  • Create a campaign specific hashtag

  • Hire enthusiastic interns

Written by Krista Bunskoek, PR / Content Marketer @Wishpond

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