Mother’s Day: Capturing Emotions With Content Marketing

Provide heartfelt content that triggers readers to feel emotional engagement between themselves, your business, and Mother’s Day. This is an easy holiday to evoke emotions from, the harder part is to tie those sentimental feelings to your business.

Many marketers believe that evoking emotion through content marketing is essential in making posts viral. It could be a picture of a mother hugging her baby, or a story of a daughter studying abroad and her tales of how much she missed her mother.

Asking deeper questions that aren’t intrusive yet still pull on the heartstrings are perfect. You will get genuine, sometimes lengthy answers that truly come from the heart of your fans and followers.

Hallmark Channel USA has a great post asking, “Is your Mom a heart healer? Like and share in the comments a heartfelt message about your Mom!”



In a study regarding the shareability of articles at the New York Times, it was discovered that:

  • Awe was the second most viral type of content to be shared

  • Conversational posts receive twice as many comments on average

  • Posts filled with emotion are typically shared more

source: [](


According to a study conducted by the University of Indiana, there are 6 primary emotions that humans have that you can tap into with your content.

  1. Surprise

  2. Joy

  3. Sadness

  4. Fear

  5. Anger

  6. Disgust

For Mother’s Day, it is easier to stick to the first two; Surprise and Joy. Anything unexpected or positive in an inspirational or humorous manner will lead people to share your content.



Written By: Cara @ Wishpond

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