Mothers Day: Build Online Relationships With Customers & Clients

One of the important aspects of social media is communication between your business and your customers/clients. With a push in the right direction, people will feel more inclined to share their opinions and thoughts with your business in social communities.

Give fans a reason to interact with your business.

What aspect(s) of your business do your fans love the most? What are their hobbies? Do your customers love low prices? What about quality customer service?

Introduce your staff and show their passion for your business. 1-800-Flowers shows their fans on Facebook some of the staff and their favorite flowers. It’s comforting for consumers to know that the people that work for the company are passionate about what they do.


Martha Stewart knows her followers are big fans of her craft ideas. She shares helpful ideas with them and asks fans to share their Mother’s day memories with her to encourage engagement.


Just ask.

1-800-Flowers wants to know which arrangement is your favorite. This will give them a better idea of their customers’ needs, which will in turn help them make decisions in the future. You can’t lose anything from asking nicely, and chances are someone’s going to want to tell you something.

Interacting with customers such as this on a regular basis can build relationships.


Kalio Commerce is attempting to engage with online retailers to see what steps they are making in order to promote themselves on Mother’s Day. It would be wise to follow-up afterward with the clients that responded to see if they need any help.

Written by: Cara @Wishpond

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