8 Tips for Acquiring Quality Facebook Fans


It’s not just about getting more Facebook fans – it’s about getting quality fans that will engage with your Facebook Page time and time again. We all know that quality content keeps users returning to your page, but how do you attract new ones?

8 tips for enticing new Facebook fans to like your page:

  1. Analyze the effectiveness of your content with Facebook Insights.
  2. Syndicate your Facebook Page link throughout the internet.
  3. Consider timing.
  4. Suggest to friends.
  5. Embed widgets on your website and/or blog.
  6. Run Contests.
  7. Create Facebook Ads.
  8. Add your Facebook Page’s link to your email signature.

1. Analyze the effectiveness of your content with Facebook Insights.

Facebook has made some recent changes to their Facebook Page layouts and now include a preview of Facebook Insights right when you click on your Page. It’s a great reminder to delve further into your Insights and figure out which content is most effective with your audience.

Page Insights are available on your Facebook Page’s Admin Panel.

The most important metric to track is Virality. Virality refers to the percentage of users who have created a story (liked, commented on or shared) from your post out of the total number of unique users who have seen it. As a rule, I consider a post engaging enough to promote (or continue a promotion) if it’s getting 4% – 5% Virality.



2. Syndicate your Facebook Page link throughout the internet.

Spread the word of your Facebook Page. Put your Facebook Page link in your Twitter description, add it to your Pinterest profile, and more. Any social networks you’re on, find a place in your bio to add a link to your Facebook business page.

Even add the link to your personal Facebook timeline and link to it on personal blog in articles (if you have one).

3. Consider timing

Timing is an important aspect of anything – don’t post too frequently in a short period of time.It’s honestly a waste of your time. Wait an hour (or more) to avoid annoying your Facebook fans and hurting your success with Facebook’s EdgeRank.

Edgerank will single your Page out if you’re posting too much in a certain period of time. It will decide that your post doesn’t need to be seen in as many News Feeds, therefore limiting your reach.


4. Suggest to friends

It’s not recommended to suggest your page to all of your friends on Facebook, unless of course they’re all your close friends and family. Consider your friends that would legitimately be interested in liking your page. If you are constantly asking people to like your Page, they will become annoyed.

5. Embed widgets on your website and blog


Embedding widgets on your blog will make your Facebook Page easy to like through your blog and/or website. Visitors will not have to flock to Facebook to like your Page, it’s right there on the site for them. Convenience!

The like button widget will help you gain more Facebook likes. Here’s a how-to video to add it to your website: [https://bit.ly/XweeIT](https://bit.ly/XweeIT)

If you have a blog, make sure to get sharing widgets for your posts. It’s another convenient way for fans to easily share your content on Facebook.

6. Run Contests.


Running contests and promotions on your Facebook Page can engage viewers and attract new fans. Contests can be really easy to set up and generally don’t require technical skills. It doesn’t matter how many fans you currently have, contests can always increase your number of fans and level of engagement.

Wishpond provides easy Facebook contests. Check out some of our customer case studies to see how well running contests has worked for them.


7. Create Facebook Ads.

Facebook Advertising is a powerful platform to target new users and to give your campaign a boost! Are you trying to reach your audience, but no one seems to know your Facebook Page exists?

Facebook Ads are great for providing reach to new Facebook users, that Ads can convert into fans for you. Promote helpful content as opposed to promotional product/service content so they know you provide value.

8. Add your Facebook Page link to your email signature.

Think about how many emails you send out per day. Having the link to your Facebook Page in your email signature makes it easily accessible for people to check out your business.

If you have employees, get them to do so as well.


Written by: Cara Tarbaj @ Wishpond

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