[INFOGRAPHIC] How Users Interact with Mobile Marketing Campaigns

This infographic first appeared on the Wishpond Blog

Mobile marketing is everywhere. The ability to run a promotion that people can interact with immediately using their mobile phone – instead of having to use their home computer – is driving a TON of conversions. But most businesses aren’t doing it right!

I’m surprised when people still give me cards or flyers with promotions that cannot be accessed on my phone, because 99% of the time it’s going in the garbage. If they gave me an easy way to enter on my phone right when my interest has been peaked – with say a shortlink to a mobile-optimized entry page – they would increase their coversion rate of getting me as a new lead by 1000%.

The following infographic shows how people use their phone to shop and interact with promotions – and hopefully will convince you that mobile campaigns are a great addition for your marketing mix.

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How do you use mobile to market your business? Let us know in the comments.


By Nick Steeves @ Wishpond


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