Bump Up Your Google Plus: Ideas to Share [Guest Post]

Google Plus isn’t the flashiest or wittiest social network out there, but it’s still too big and—thanks to its relation to the all-powerful Google—too important to ignore. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, though, Google’s network isn’t always as easy to connect with, and using the two big names can leave you stumped for fresh content to put on Google Plus. You know you need to post, but what?

The following four categories contain starter ideas that will keep your profile fresh and fun, engaging your followers and building a social community around your startup. Get posting, and watch the benefits of Google Plus add up.


Customer Queries

It sounds like too simple of a solution, but frequently, the answer to knowing what to post is to ask those who read it. “What topics would you like to see more of?” is a start, though it helps to focus respondents’ options. Give a few choices: for example, a photography business could suggest “How to create wall displays, outfit tips for picture day, or what to bring to a photo shoot.” You’ll garner useful information that you can use to tailor posts, with the assurance that you’ll have actively interested readers.


Industry Info

The standard post idea, industry-related articles, is also an asset on Google Plus. After all, people follow you because they’re interested in the industry you’re in; it’s only natural for them to crave more information. Feed your market links and content, which they can then turn around and share themselves. If something you post earns you a big reaction, in pluses, comments, and shares, take a look why and try to repeat it. Was it a hot topic? Humorously written? Controversial? There’s a lead on what readers want.


Mixed Media

With the popularity of Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter Vine, quotes, images, and combinations of the two are spreading like wildfire across all social networks. Whether it’s beautiful cinematography, silly captioned pictures, or motivating quotes, media is an excellent option to post on your Google Plus profile. Followers are likely to comment and share pieces that aren’t necessarily directly linked to your industry. Videos, too, help readers connect with your company by visualizing stories, whether they’re your own videos or ones you share. By adding a line or two about how it’s relevant, you’ll draw your followers in even more.


Network Know-How

A fourth option to share with your fellow Google Plus followers is information on the network itself. Users are always happy to discover new features, news, resources, and more, especially when they’re actively engaged on the site. General articles can catch the interest of your followers, and their shares will point to you as the original source, getting your site more visits and awareness. It may not be brand-specific, but Google news can benefit you, too.


For even more Google Plus advice, check out ways to get the most out of the network. Google Plus can do more than you may have thought—and it’s only going to get bigger.


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