Creating Content: 5 Social Media Post Types You Can Use [Guest Post]

Creating Content: 5 Social Media Post Types You Can Use [Guest Post]

Content drives social media, but coming up with fresh content isn’t always easy. Whether you’re just starting out and you’re not sure what to write in these tweet thingies, or you’re a social veteran whose Facebook feed is starting to look composed by Copy and Paste, figuring out what to say next can be a constant challenge.

Of course, you know that your social media content has to be interesting and engaging in order to drive results for your marketing campaigns—which can make the whole process seem even harder. These 5 post types can help you create content that gets more views, likes, retweets, shares, pins, or however your social network of choice spreads the word.

Funny or Clever Content

There are certain types of businesses this category won’t work for, but in general, people remember you when you can make them laugh, or even just smile.

Taco Bell’s Twitter account is a well-known example of humor in social media. A recent example from their feed: “There are two types of people in this world: those who like @TacoBell and liars.” Old Spice also takes the humorous approach beyond the brand’s viral commercials, and companies like JetBlue and Bissell have been known to crack a joke or two.

Keep in mind that humor is tricky and subjective. Not everyone finds the same things funny, so finding the sweet spot can be tough. Avoid raunchy or offensive humor—and if you’re going to use a meme, make sure you understand what’s current, and how the latest memes work. Otherwise, your humor will fall flat.

Thoughtful or Inspirational Content

Posts that get people thinking are a good way to generate interest and get a discussion going. For this type, you might post your favorite inspirational quotes, or link to inspirational stories and articles related to your industry.

You can also write thoughtful content regarding your opinions on a current event (industry-related or general news), your company’s philosophy, the accomplishments of your employees, or your mission.

Educational Content

Teaching people something new is another great way to get interest or appreciation. Educational posts or tweets usually link to a blog post or article—either from your company or an expert resource—with a quick teaser that explains what the article is about.

For this type, you might link a how-to video for your product, a video or step-by-step article that’s related to your industry, a recent and relevant news item, interesting research or studies, infographics, helpful free downloads, and more. There are plenty of possibilities!

Conversational Content

Engaging your audience directly is always a good choice for content. Take some time to reply to a follower or fan’s post, answer a question, join in a related discussion, thank someone for a nice comment or share, and generally connect with the people in your social networks on an individual level.

Promotional Content

This is last on the list, because it should be last in your order of priorities. Yes, you’re using social media marketing to promote your business—but if that’s all you do, no one is going to be interested.

With the increased accessibility provided by the Internet, consumers want to know you and trust you before they buy from you. This doesn’t mean you have to start inviting all your Facebook fans to family reunions. Instead, it means that making connections is more important than touting your products or services.

A good rule of thumb to follow is the 80-20 rule: Keep 80 percent of your social media content non-promotional, and use the other 20 percent for (interesting, well-planned) promotion.

Which will you choose for your next social media post?

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