The Ultimate List of 55 Facebook Posting Tips & Takeaways


Wondering how to get the most out of your business’ Facebook posts?

Struggling for engagement?

I’ve scoured the Wishpond archives to bring you 55 of the best Tweetable Facebook statistics, questions, tips, formulas and targeting strategies to inspire your Facebook posting to new heights. Let’s get started.

7 Facebook Tweetable Posting Statistics

  1. There are, on average, 36 Facebook posts per page per month

  2. Did you know 240 billion images have been posted on Facebook (so far)

  3. Posts of 80 characters or less receive the most user engagement

  4. There are 293,000 Facebook posts every minute of every day, does yours stand out?


  1. Did you know posts containing advice or teaching something new were shared 522% more than posts that didn’t?

  2. Photos of food are the single most popular picture on social media sites. Use it on Facebook!

  3. Facebook Edgerank’s rating means only about 16% of your posts are seen. Make them count!

7 Tweetable Post Formulas

  1. “Caption This!” posts are great for B2C and retail companies to increase brand appeal

  2. Encourage click-through with a ‘see the whole thing here’ post

  3. Ask for user-generated content with ‘Share your layabout sunday photo with us on Instagram’


  1. Use the “Want more (blank)? Check out (blank)?” formula to get your ebook downloaded

  2. Use the popular ‘Share vs Like’ opinion poll for a win-win post

  3. Try the ‘Like if you (blank)’ formula where the blank is related to a holiday or sporting event

  4. Ever tried the ‘One little known way to (blank)’ formula to offer advice and generate likes?

4 Tweetable Post Targeting Takeaways

  1. Target your Facebook Posts based on Fan’s interests to reach your most passionate demographic

  2. Split test your Facebook Posts based on timing, to see when your Fans are online


  1. Are you geo-targeting your posts to engage with fans passionate about their hometown?

  2. Use demographic targeting to focus in or enlarge your post’s audience

12 Tweetable Ways to Encourage Engagement

  1. Take advantage of seasons, holidays and sporting events to increase post participation

  2. Great questions encourage greater engagement on Facebook

  3. Call on fan’s nostalgia to get them reminiscing and commenting


  1. Go exclusive, new, or behind-the-scenes to give users something they haven’t seen before

  2. Recipes are a great way to encourage your Fans to return again and again

  3. Use an easily-agreed-upon opinion to create universal appeal


  1. Do you use opinion polls and sneak peeks to encourage Fan Participation?

  2. Spend some time on your Fan’s pages to see what they’re Liking. Can you tap into that?

  3. Fans engage with businesses on Facebook looking for a personal connection. Give it to them

  4. Do you mix your posts up to keep your fans guessing? Or are your posts dull and unengaging?

  5. Showcase your fans with pictures or quotes and encourage others to participate as well

  6. Check Facebook Insights for which of your posts creates the most engagement, and do it again

7 Tweetable Photo Posting Points

  1. Use eye-catching images to garner some easy Likes and Shares

  2. Use something adorable in your images to get an easy Like

  3. Photos on Facebook pages receive 53% more Likes than the average post


  1. Photo posts attracted 104% more comments than the average post

  2. Photo posts received 84% more clicks than text and link posts

  3. Posts that include photo albums have 180% more engagement than the average post

  4. Posts with photos had a .37% engagement, compared to .27% for text posts and .15% for links

10 Tweetable Ways to Promote your Brand with a Post

  1. Instead of directly promoting your product, post images of how difficult life can be without it

  2. Promoting your other social platforms from Facebook encourages total brand reach

  3. Facebook posting automation is great, but don’t just set it and forget it

  4. Make your Facebook fans laugh and they’ll associate your brand with fun


  1. Providing a chance to win a prize will drive a ton of clicks

  2. Stop talking about yourself, and get your Fans talking about you

  3. Don’t turn your Fans into strangers by posting spamming, pushing marketing tactics

  4. A Facebook Like opens an around-the-clock communication channel between you and your Fan

  5. Provide quick and easy tips to prove your expertise

  6. B2B companies are driving tons of new traffic by providing free, helpful content

8 Tweetable Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Do you offer advice posts to become a trusted source of information?

  2. Do your posts have a CTA? Ensure you’re not wasting your time

  3. Have you checked your Facebook post links to make sure they’re not broken?

  4. Do you hype your blog posts on Facebook several days in advance?

  5. Do you use quotes to create easily generated and shareable content?


  1. Do you have the wrong Fans on your Page?

  2. Did you know Facebook will penalize your posts if your content is not from a trusted source?

  3. Do you keep in mind that the best Facebook posts give users ONE single, clear thing to do?


Hopefully these 55 Tweetable Facebook posting takeaways have taught you some of the best Facebook strategies for brands. Which one is your favorite? Which do you think you’ll share with your Followers?

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