[Slideshares] 4 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

As a content marketer, you’re probably like me. You’re constantly looking for new methods to drive more traffic to your blog, right?

You probably also have tons going on, and don’t always have the time to sift through a plethora of more wordy content. (Ok, that sentence was pretty wordy…) So, I thought I’d share a visual article, and give you loads of traffic driving tips!

In this article, I’ve put together 4 slideshares with tips to get more website hits from Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and email.  

Hope they increase your results. Let me know your tips in the comments, below!


With over a billion monthly users, Facebook provides a rich source to develop relationships through content. If you use it well, you can drive your Fans onto your site, turning them into loyal readers – and taking them a step closer to the sale!

Here’s 12 tips to use Facebook to drive traffic to your blog:

12 Effective Ways to use Facebook to Drive Traffic to Your Blog from Wishpond


Not to be outdone, Pinterest has recently introduced Rich Pins for articles. This new feature makes the social site an ideal place for you to nurture readership, and drive traffic to your site.

In this slideshare, I give you 9 tactics to use on your Pinterest page:

Pinterest: 9 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog from Wishpond


LinkedIn has a business oriented demographic. It can prove to be a particularly lucrative site for B2B connections, and getting your message seen by your market.

Here’s 10 tips on how to drive traffic to your site through LinkedIn:

LinkedIn: 10 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog from Wishpond


Yup, the good old email. Even in these days of awesome social networking, email proves to be an effective method at getting click throughs to your blog. Studies have shown that email is stilled viewed as an important source for purchasing information, and mobile email open ratesare on the rise.

Here are 12 tactics to get more email leads, and use them to drive traffic to your blog:

12 Tips: How to Use Email to Drive Traffic to Your Blog from Wishpond


What do you think? What traffic driving tips do you have? Share your successes in the comments!

Read the full articles (when you find the time to get more info):

Written by Krista Bunskoek @ Wishpond


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