[Guest Webinar] Google+ with Mike Allton

Google+ is an amazingly rich social media platform. Unfortunately, many businesses still don’t understand how to capture its marketing power.

We want to provide you with the best online marketing tips for your business, so we recently interviewed a Google+ marketing expert.

Mike Allton is a top internet marketing consultant. Mike is best known as the editor of one of the coolest social media blogs, The Social Media Hat. Check it out for social media, blogging, SEO, marketing and tech tips!

In this 20 minute interview, Mike Allton discusses:

  • The value of Google+ for your company
  • How to get more G+ followers
  • How G+ is really like a business networking site
  • The benefit of Google+ and your SEO/ search
  • And more…

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For more resources on Google+ for your business:

Written by Krista Bunskoek @ Wishpond


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