How Forever 21 got to 1.4 Million Followers on Instagram

Do you market your business on Instagram? Do you know how to get more Instagram followers?

Forever 21 sure does. With over 1.4 million active and engaged Followers, the hip clothing store is the 3rd most popular brand on Instagram. An average update on Forever 21’s Instagram gets between 35,000 to 45,000 Likes.

We wanted to give you a breakdown of the successful strategies from Forever 21 – and show you how you can engage on Instagram too. Check out our infographic to learn more.

Check out the full image of the infographic: “How Forever 21 got to 1.4 Million Followers on Instagram”.

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Instagram Forever 21 infographic Wishpond

Did you read our article on how to get more followers on Instagram? Does your business use Instagram for marketing? How do you create engagement? What tips did you learn from Forever 21? Share your comments, below.


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