Social Media on the Rise: A Glimpse into the Future

In 2013, it’s estimated that nearly 1 in 4 people in the world have been using social media. That’s 1.73 billion people around the globe. In 2017, it’s estimated that 2.5 billion people will use sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social sites.

Rapid growth is predicted to expand in the Asia-Pacific, Middle East and African regions.

Social media is not a fad, and it’s clearly not going away anytime soon. Your business needs to capitalize on this marketing potential now and into the future.

In this infographic, Social Media on the Rise: A Glimpse into the Future, we’ve summarized data from emarketer, to give you the facts about the growth of social media around the world.

Check out the full image of the infographic: “Social Media on the Rise: A Glimpse into the Future”.

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How does your business use the expanding reach of social media? Do you use Facebook contests and other social promotions?

Share your thoughts in the comments, below.

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