4 Blogging Resolutions for 2014 (Guest Post)

As this year quickly comes to a close it’s only natural that you’ll set your sights (and hopes) over onto a fresh start. A new calendar encourages everyone to set goals and make resolutions.

In addition to vowing to improve your personal and professional life, consider the steps you can take to improve your content creation.

Read on to discover 4 ways in which you can blog better than-ever in 2014.

Share The Floor

Just because you may not consider yourself a journalist, does not mean you have to forgo the entertaining benefits of the field. Consider opening your blog up to interviews in 2014.

Interviews are a great way to provide a different point of view while still maintaining overall control of your blog. The added benefit lies in cross promotion; whomever you interview is likely to promote your post casting a wider net for a potential audience.

Commit to refreshing your blog in a way that bring in fresh voices, alternative perspectives and a balanced point of view.

Brand Me!

As you blog progresses it can be difficult (especially as the blog owner) to make content feel as relevant as it did on day one. One way to shake up your weekly routine is to brand yourself with a reoccurring theme.

Motivation Mondays or Wish List Wednesday are themes than can keep your dedicated audience on their toes and involved. It’s wise to only pick one niche day of the week and stick with it. Pair your branded blog posts will relevant hashtages #WednesdayWishes to keep the buzz and sharable content going.

Be Worth 1000 Words

How much of your blog screams “you”? General templates and stock photos can make your blog seem like just another ordinary platform. Still, not everyone can afford a stellar graphic designer to set them apart.

Instead, commit to adding more of your personality and personal story into your blog posts. (Hmm, what about Sneak-Peak Saturdays?) Commit to providing your audience with more insight into your personal world. Share your story and your own photos to break up the monotony of blogging and allow your audience a deeper chance to connect

No one out there has had your exact experiences, so capitalize on the ways in which you are unique!

See If Advertising Makes $ense

Relax, native bloggers, we are not suggesting you turn your 2014 blogging efforts into a cash cow. We are however, nudging you to explore the possibilities of turning some posts into profits.

Tried and true bloggers will object to unrelated, 3rd party advertising, and that’s OK! Still, if you can provide relevant, valuable content that just so happens to point out a product or service that you would recommend to your own family and friends and turn a buck, what’s wrong with that? Its called affiliate advertising and it might be something worth testing out in 2014.

What blogging resolution are you making for 2014?

About the author:

Kelly Gregorio writes about blogging tips while working at Advantage Capital Funds, a provider of merchant cash advances. You can read her daily business blog here.


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