Content Marketing: Why it’s Still Awesome, & Why That Should Scare You


Content marketing works. That’s been established. But is it working too well? Is it becoming so much a part of online marketing that it’s losing all efficacy?

In a recent (much lauded) article by Mike Schaefer he coined the term ‘content shock’. I think a more accurate term would be ‘content paralysis’ – in which the overwhelming amount of content being produced lessens the overall effect of content marketing for business.

It’s the first big discussion point of 2014, and (I think) one of the most important we’ll see this year. As such, I think it’s important we all have some background on the subject.

In this presentation I’ll re-affirm how awesome content marketing is for your business, and then (in the second part) tell you how scary that should be.

But don’t worry, I’ll also give you five strategies to combat content paralysis.

What do you think? Are you concerned that the ever-increasing amount of content will hurt your marketing ROI? Or do you think we’ll see a step up in quality of content – the cream rising to the top? Let me know below.

By James Scherer @ Wishpond

To help fight content paralysis, check out the free Ebook below – which gives you a ton of great ideas on getting the most out of your content, and how to make real-world dollars with a blog.



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