What are the Benefits of Video on Landing Pages?


What is a landing page? You probably already know the answer.
Do you have a video on your landing page? Should you?

87% of online marketers use videos in one way or another to promote their business. Why? They’re effective.

Put them on a landing page to increase conversions, show (not tell) your stuff and give your visitors a more memorable moment.

Here’s 10 benefits of using videos on your landing pages, with a bonus section on how to make your video a success.

What are the benefits of using video on your landing pages?

Let’s jump right in and check out the top 10 benefits of embedding videos into your website landing pages.

1. Conversions! – The ultimate goal on a landing page is to get your visitor to take action. Videos get that action with higher conversion rates.

According to studies such as by Eye View Digital, videos on a landing page can increase conversions by up to 86%.

(Note: In the Eye View Digital study, the company that nearly doubled conversion rates with video was an online tutoring company – giving students a sampling of an actual online class. I’ll say it again: it pays to know your market, your business and your landing page offer.)

2. Keeps visitors on your page longer – The longer someone stays on your site, the more they become familiar with your brand. A video on your landing page gives viewers more time for your product offer to sink in, and to realize the benefits your offer will give them.

3. Shows your stuff (not just tells) – A video can show how your product works. You can communicate a lot by giving visuals, not just describing with the written word.

It’s like, I can describe a glowing golden spherical object that exudes warmth and brightness – or I could just show you this:

landing page template

The same is true for your products and offerings.

You can describe a travel resort, for example, or make a short video of your resort to embed on your website booking landing page. Your resort video shows, not just tells. It also sells.

4. Increases trust factors (especially if its you or company team member) – Trust is very important for conversions – particularly online. If a first time visitor clicks on your landing page, they likely don’t know you. If they don’t know you, there’s no reason to trust you, let alone convert or ultimately buy from you.

A video increases trust because it gives a human face or voice to our otherwise human-less page. Some of the ways to increase trust are through videos starring your CEO or company staff. It shows your corporation as human and a whole lot more trustworthy than your competition.

5. People like videos (we’re wired for it) –  People watch and learn from videos. I know, I know, as an SEO content marketer this is a bit disappointing, but according to Crazy Egg, only 28% of the words on an average page of a website are actually read (well, by real humans). But, let’s face it, YouTube reaches over a billion views/ month, Vimeo serves millions and who doesn’t love a funky Vine video?

Our brains are wired for watching moving images. Use videos to give people what they want, and associate your product, service or offer with it.

6. Deepens consumer connection – You know it – watching a video makes you feel like there’s a little more engagement going on. When a customer can relate more personally to your video, it increases their connection to your product or service (if you can appeal to your market – but I’ll get into a few video tips soon).

The best consumer connection videos are those that focus on your customer-centric list of benefits. Step outside of thinking like your business, and think like your customer to show the lifestyle problems your offer will solve.

7. Makes your page more memorable than text – Your ultimate goal on a landing page is to get conversions. But, if used effectively, they can increase your brand awareness too. A remarkable video on your landing page – one that resonates with your demographic and gets your business message communicated – can create a memorable experience. Videos can stimulate multiple sensory triggers – through both visual and auditory cues.

Tip: Set up a post-sign up landing page to thank your new leads. Embed a short video of your CEO or team to thank them and give more benefits about your company. Your new prospect will be more likely to remember your offer – and return for more. Here’s an example template from Wishpond’s landing page builder:

landing page template

8. Images get shared, and videos go viral –  In our social online world, images are by far the most shared content. Videos are hands down the most viral content online. They’re viewed and shared millions of times every day.

A short, well-made movie on your landing page can make your inbound marketing efforts a whole lot easier (if your viewers do the sharing for you)!

9. Easy-to-share relatable customer testimonials – People trust people – especially if they are in some ways just like them. A potential customer will trust the opinion of a current customer more than they trust you. Think about it, if you’re shopping for say a new tablet, you’re probably going to ask your friends for their opinions, then you’ll go online and do research for where to buy it. If you land on a product landing page with a real, honest customer reviews about an online store selling your chosen tablet – you’re likely more inclined to buy from them, right?

Customer testimonials are effective marketing tactics, and customer testimonials through video enhance that effectiveness.

10. Videos are persuasive – According to insivia, 90% of users say that seeing a product video is persuasive in the decision. Videos connect and help to direct your viewer to the thing you want: conversions!

Even executives are persuaded by videos – According to a 2013 study by Forbes, more than 51% of all executives (making the business decisions) either visited a vendor’s site, or conducted further research into a vendor’s product after watching a product-related video. If you’re B2B, get those videos up on your landing page!

Bonus: 10 Tips to make your video successful

1. Use “press play” vs. “autoplay” – Test out the views and conversions with a press play video vs. an autoplay. I’d recommend you start with the press play option (instead of having your landing page video start immediately), as you give the power of choice to your visitors._ (Uh, someone may have, for example, landed on your page at an open concept workplace and really wished  your screaming crazy zombie video didn’t autoplay…. (ah, the daily joys of working at a startup like Wishpond 😉 )._

2. Show the benefits, not just the product – Like any great marketer, you know people want to know “what’s in it for me?”. Make a video that shows your consumer-centric list of benefits. Show the lifestyle upgrades, the time-saving benefits and how awesome your prospect could be – if only they had your offer.

I know this video is old, but it still resonates. Google introduced Google Drive to the masses by marketing the benefits. They could have shown a step-by-step guide on how to technically use their product (hey, they are a tech company remember?). Instead they show the work, play and life benefits to consumers. And, uh, it worked.

3. Keep it short – I’d recommend you make your videos anywhere from 30 seconds to under 2 minutes. People’s attention spans are about 5 seconds, and the thought of watching a long video on a conversion page will (generally) turn your prospects away. Of course, there are always exceptions_ (like, if you have a loyal fan base who love your subject matter, such as those Star Trek vs. Star Wars debates that go on and on and on), so test your video for best length._

4. Keep the video engaging and current – The pace of your video is very important. The content is too. Think about the visuals you’re using. Think about how you’re making the video entertaining to your market, and still promoting your service or product.

If you’re using screen recordings (i.e. QuickTime which is very simple to create a recording of your computer screen), keep the tone of your voice upbeat, engaging and fast paced – but not too fast – so that your video is engaging, understandable and at least a little bit entertaining.

5. Don’t worry about perfection – If this is your first video recording, don’t get caught up in creating the one and only perfect piece. More than likely, you’re going to making more of them, and improving by learning from the mistakes you made.

The first video we tried to make took over 5 days, and nearly 10 takes! Well, it became so frustrating fussing over the sound quality and lighting we out and out dropped the project. We’ve since learned how to quickly make decent quality online marketing product videos. They’re not perfect, but they work!

landing page template

Tip: Use an external microphone – you generally get better sound quality.

6. Use a script – You might think you can just wing it – but it’s better to use a script – even if you stray from it. It keeps you focused so you won’t forget the essentials and purpose of your content.

7. Add a CTA in your video – Just as in your optimized landing page, be sure to mention your Call-to-Action in your landing page videos. Your ask could be as simple as repeating your CTA copy, such as “get your free ebook” or “start your free trial by filling out the form to your right”.

8. Use directional cues – As in your landing page design, you should have (or be aware of) using directional cues, such as pointing to or looking at the product in your video.

9. Reuse your content – If your landing page is to promote an upcoming product launch, use your press release. Have your CEO read the release, for example, and add a sneak peek to visually build anticipation of what’s coming soon. Or, read out the text version of your landing page and A/B test the conversion rate of video vs. written copy.

10. Use a high-quality video that has quick loading time – There’s nothing quite so simple yet quite so damaging to conversions as a low-quality video. It makes your offer – and business – look cheaper and lower quality than it need be (okay, unless of course, this is purposefully the image you want portrayed). Also, make sure your video has a quick loading time, or you’ll lose impatient visitors.

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What do you think? Do you use videos on your landing pages? How have they impacted your conversion rate?

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Written by Krista Bunskoek @ Wishpond


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