5 B2B Landing Pages to Build Your Email List

68% of B2Bs use landing pages to garner new email leads. Are you?

Once you have a substantial email list, you can start creating targeted emails to nurture your leads – and ultimately convert them into customers.

In this article, I’ll go over 5 ways you can use landing pages to build your email list (I’ll also provide a few tips along the way!).

1. Generate Leads with Free Trials

Vidyard makes good use of contrasting Calls-to-Action (CTAs) as well as a compelling headline on their product landing page. They even incorporate the use of their own product on their landing page. Clever!

Free trials are a win-win for your business and consumers. Why?

For your consumer, free trials are a risk-free type of value proposition. There is no commitment involved with trying out your product or service.

For your business, free trials can give leads the right kind of nudge to make the purchase decision once they’ve tested out your product or service. So not only can you amplify your lead generation with free trials, they can often lead also lead to conversions! Awesome.

To effectively gather email leads with a free trial, create a landing page with either just a CTA to an entry form (like the above example), or with an entry form directly on the page (like the example below).

Here are 6 key landing page tactics to consider for your free trial landing page:

  • Use whitespace to accentuate the important aspects of your landing page, such as the entry form or CTA
  • Encapsulate your CTAs and/or your entry form
  • Create a succinct and captivating headline and sub headline
  • Make sure to use the word “free” on either your headline or CTA
  • Include a list detailing the benefits of your free trial
  • Use directional cues to point landing page visitors towards your page’s focal point

2. Lead Generation: Email-Gate Live Webinars

Wishpond makes use of whitespace and contrasting colors on this webinar’s landing page. Both of these landing page design tactics help put emphasis on the graphic and the encapsulated Call-to-Action (CTA).

Webinars show your clients that your business is a knowledgeable industry leader. Webinar attendees are people interested in your industry – they may even be loyal readers of your blog that finally become leads. Make sure to email-gate your webinar to get leads.

Why should it be a live webinar?

So that you can show the humane side of your business and build more meaningful relationships with your customers.

Another bonus is that you can use your webinars for different types of online content. Upload a clean, edited version to Youtube later for everyone to view. You could even publish the webinar on your company’s blog once it’s up on YouTube.

Here are 6 quick tips for hosting a webinar:

  • Make it free (look at all that value and no risk your webinar has!)
  • Make sure to pick topics that you feel confident speaking about
  • Introduce the hosts before you start the presentation
  • Take time to practice your webinar beforehand
  • Build hype around your upcoming live webinar. Promote it on your social channels, website homepage, with online ads, etc.
  • Provide ample time at the end of your webinar for attendee’s questions

3. Newsletter Signups Effectively Generate Leads

I’m going to take an educated guess and assume (/hope) you have a newsletter of some sort. Newsletters are what make your email leads profitable.

Newsletter signups can effectively generate leads and grow your email list. They can be used to educate customers on your industry and products or services.

A bonus: once you’ve collected the email leads, you can create targeted emails to specific leads to convert them into customers. If tailored appropriately to the right email subscribers, they will feel a level of exclusivity with your business, which essentially butters up your lead!

Here are 6 tips for optimizing your newsletter’s landing page:

  • Created a branded landing page (include a logo, relevant, visually appealing image, etc.)
  • Make it super easy to sign up – include a maximum of 3 form fields on your entry form
  • In a snippy sentence, detail the types of content they will be subscribing to
  • Mention how many other subscribers you have, “join 10,000 other members!” (if you have a substantial amount)
  • Use a lot of whitespace and position the CTA above the fold
  • Test telling your future subscriber what you will and won’t do with their information

4. Lead Generation: “Coming Soon” Landing Pages

Birdboxx created a pre-launch landing page for an upcoming feature of theirs (an accommodation directory).

When you think of “coming soon” landing pages, do you think of a dead-end landing page? You shouldn’t.

Coming soon landing pages can be very effective in generate leads (and hype) for your upcoming product/service.

If your B2B comes out with a new product, service or feature, try creating a landing page for it. Using a landing page builder that’s customizable (and doesn’t require you to use any code) can get the job done in minutes.

Here are 6 tips for optimizing your “coming soon” landing page:

  • Use more colours to make the promotion look exciting (like the Birdboxx example above)
  • Create landing pages tailored to each of your target markets
  • Test using more casual copy on your CTA (e.g. keep me in the loop!)
  • Create a headline that really communicates the exclusivity of being amongst the first people in the know
  • Leave the landing page visitor with a little bit of curiosity (and something to look forward to) – don’t give away all of the exciting details of your upcoming product or service
  • Most importantly – make sure to include a clear CTA button and/or minimal form fields for your visitors to fill out

5. Offer a Free Demo of Your Product or Services to Generate Leads

This landing page has been created by Wishpond’s landing page builder. Carla gets personal and asks for the necessary information needed in order to prepare for a one-on-one demo for a business.

Not all businesses have the resources available to extend a one-on-one demo to everyone that wants one, but if you think you can manage, it’s definitely worth a try. Demos can really contribute to lead generation for your B2B.

They increase the trust factor of your business, and it’s a step in the right direction to relationship-building. This form of customer support is a big part of customer relationship management (CRM).

Create a landing page where you invite leads to sign up for a free demo of your product or service. In exchange, you can gather valuable information about your consumers (such as their email, any questions they may have about your industry or business, etc.). It doesn’t hurt that you get an opportunity to show them how they could benefit from your business, either. This will warm your leads up for conversions!

Here are 6 tips for creating your free demo landing page:

  • Have an entry form on the landing page (with max. 5 form fields)
  • Make sure to have a clear benefit list highlighting what they will learn from the demo
  • Include what differentiates your product or service from the rest
  • Try testing a (max. 30 second video preview) of a successful past demo on your landing page
  • Make your landing page personal by including a picture of someone on your sales team
  • Put a calendar directly on your landing page to make it easy for people to book an appointment right away


All of the listed methods have proven to generate tons of email leads for B2Bs just like yours. You won’t be sorry trying out one (or all) of these landing page ideas to improve your B2B lead generation work!

Have you had success growing your email list with any of the above landing page suggestions? Or did your visitors want nothing to do with your offers?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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By Cara Tarbaj

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