Case Study: How PersistIQ Helped Invigo Media 10x Their Sales Demos


In only three months, Invigo Media went from holding two sales demos a week to holding 20 – a move that helped the company generate an extra $20K per month. 

How did they pull this off? By using PersistIQ’s outbound sales engagement platform

This is a great example of how a company approached PersistIQ to develop its sales pipeline and used the platform’s various sales tools to generate serious results. 

In this case study, we’ll break down exactly what tools and tactics Invigo Media used to pull this off so that your business can also achieve similar results.

Key Takeaways

  • Invigo Media partnered with PersistIQ to help grow their outbound sales strategy
  • To do this, Invigo Media used PersistIQ’s sales automation platform and email deliverability expertise
  • In less than three months, Invigo Media saw impressive results as leads started to turn into closed deals, generating revenue of around 20K per month
  • After working with PersistIQ, Invigo Media went from holding around two to three demos per week to holding 16 to 20 demos per week

What is Invigo Media?

Invigo Media is a specialist medical marketing services provider. The company uses its marketing and medical industry expertise to help medical businesses and healthcare practices grow their brands and gain more clients. 

Some of the services Invigo offers are call tracking, marketing automation, medical copywriting, Facebook advertising, PPC management, SMS marketing, and medical website design.

These services help all kinds of medical practices create powerful marketing strategies, such as cosmetic dentistry marketing or medical spa marketing.

Invigo Media also offers its own client retention and relationship management software solution called EverGenius, designed for the medical industry. 

How PersistIQ Helped Invigo Grow

Invigo Media partnered with PersistIQ to grow its outbound sales process.

When Invigo first started to work with PersistIQ, the company was only holding around two to three outbound demos per week and did not have a developed sales pipeline. So, they set a new target when working with PersistIQ – a target the company exceeded. 

Invigo leveraged PersisIQ’s sales automation platform and email deliverability expertise to improve sales engagement and outreach. This is what helped Invigo reach and engage far more prospects. 

The great thing about using the email automation solution is that it provides detailed, accurate lead targeting without requiring a lot of time or effort because the email campaigns run automatically. 

When the partnership started, Invigo Media was looking to build up its outbound sales pipeline and launch prospecting campaigns that would result in demo bookings for their sales team. Until this point, the company had been relying on inbound marketing and hadn’t put any focus on developing an outbound sales engine. 

So, how did Persist IQ do it? After understanding Invigo’s target audience, the team at PersistIQ:

  • Assigned a dedicated account manager to Invigo to help establish and manage the outbound sales strategy and ensure all campaigns and software ran effectively.
  • Created an outreach strategy and set up the entire infrastructure for the outbound campaign for Invigo. This included warming up domains and email accounts, creating email templates and campaigns, and creating a tracking system to manage the business opportunities.

The results?

In less than three months, Invigo Media saw impressive results as leads started to turn into closed deals. With the help of PersistIQ, Invigo’s new outbound sales program started generating revenue of around 20K per month. This was a major achievement, exceeding Invigo’s initial goals. 

PersistIQ’s outbound sales process and tools started delivering these results in less than three months. 

Why Outbound Sales?

Why did Invigo want to focus on running outbound sales campaigns in the first place? 

First and foremost, outbound sales strategies provide a fast way to reach more customers and secure more deals. Unlike inbound sales and marketing, which involves many different touchpoints and a lot of building trust, outbound closes deals faster. 

Just look at the case study above – Invigo was able to generate solid results in under three months. 

Outbound strategies also enable highly targeted outreach to your ideal target audience. Looking at the Invigo example again, the company used PersistIQ to identify their exact sales prospects, engage with them directly, and get them onto sales calls. 

This is a far more direct way of reaching your customers. When done right, it can help you generate a lot more sales and revenue without a lot of hassle. 

In order to run successful outbound sales processes, you’ll need to use the right software.

What PersistIQ Offers

PersistIQ is a sales engagement platform designed for small teams. The platform includes a robust set of tools to help businesses find new customers, engage with these prospects, and personalize sales outreach at scale through a single platform. 

Some of the possibilities that PersistIQ offers are:

  • Sales prospecting: Users can easily build targeted prospect lists through the platform’s Chrome Extension.
  • Sales outreach campaigns: PersistIQ has a powerful sales automation function that lets you automate personalized emails, calls, and tasks to help you fill up and streamline your sales pipeline. 
  • Reporting: The platform includes detailed reporting tools that let you analyze the results of every message you send out and every campaign you run. These insights help you sell more effectively.
  • CRM integration: Easily sync all of your contacts, records, and activities from your PersistIQ campaigns with your CRM to help you sell smarter.
  • Services: With PersistIQ, you can access the expert services of account managers to help create and manage your outbound sales campaigns for you. This saves time and ensures better results.

How Persist IQ Can Grow Your Business

If your business is looking to grow its outbound sales engine, then using PersistIQ is a smart choice. PersistIQ lets you reach new prospects and boost sales using the same types of tools and strategies that have been traditionally reserved for big businesses with big budgets.

Now, however, small businesses across all industries can use the platform to grow.

Just like the Invigo Media example above, PersistIQ can help to craft a personalized sales development strategy and toolset to help you reach more customers, get them onto sales calls, and close more deals. 


If your business needs to find more sales prospects, then it needs to be using the right sales engagement platform. The Invigo Media example is just one of many cases where a business has used PersistIQ to establish a powerful outbound sales strategy to generate more demo bookings and more revenue. 

If you want to achieve similar results for your business, then book a meeting with PersistIQ to see what tools and tactics we can use to grow your business.