5 Awesome Tips: How to Make Killer Blog Headlines



Writing a catchy headline is key to getting your blog post read, and spread.


Most readers these days skim headlines, only stopping to open the ones that hook their attention. At the same time, a witty headline can make your post be shared exponentially.


Don’t lose this opportunity. Here are 5 writing tips on how to write a killer headline.



This article is part eight of a ten part series by Wishpond. We explore the business benefits of blogging, and how it can help your online marketing efforts.


5 tips to writing a headline for results:


  1. Write a headline, then rewrite it 5 times

  2. 2.

Use numbers

  1. Keep it short

  2. 4.

Ask a question

  1. Make it a “how to”


1. Write a headline, then rewrite it 5 times

There’s nothing like writing and rewriting, and then rewriting again in writing. Do that five times, and more than likely, you’ll wind up with an amazingly better headline than the one you started with.

2. Use numbers

People love to read headlines with short sweet numbers in them. It’s a simple way to show your article has a lot to say about your topic of expertise.

3. Keep it short

Headlines are best kept under 75 characters. It makes them easier to skim, and more appealing to open.

Short headlines make it easier to share on sites like Twitter too.

4. Ask a question

Curiosity killed the headline. Do you want to know why?

Pique your readers’ interest by asking a question they want to know about.

5. Make it a “how to”

Readers like to read to learn. Make “how to” posts in your business expertise, and label them as such. Your subscribers will appreciate this.


Written by Krista Bunskoek, Director of PR @ Wishpond**

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