How We Increased Pricing Page Conversion Using Email


At Wishpond, our pricing page is where we lose the greatest percentage of our potential customers.

Over the past year we’ve been testing a ton of things to improve conversions on that page, and recently we’ve found a strategy that really works. I wanted to share that strategy with you today.

This strategy increased conversions on our pricing page by 20%.

Watch the video to learn more and see how you can put this strategy into action for your business.


Have you ever received an “Oops” email from a company and thought: “Yeah, you messed up!”. Well today I want to show you how to get a lot of lost leads back with marketing automation and an empathetic email to actually increase upgrades significantly, as it did for our company.

So in our case, people signed up for a free trial, played with our tools, created a campaign and were then asked to upgrade on the pricing page to launch their campaign live. But seeing the pricing page, would cause some users to drop and disappear – and it could be for a number of different reasons. They may have thought: How does this work? Is this really relevant to me? Are they integrated with mailchimp? Distracted with cute cat videos… They leave and forget.

So we send them an email that says “Oops did we do something wrong?. We don’t send the email right away, we send it 4 hours after they leave. We want it to feel like it is personally sent from someone on our team, even though it is automated which saves us company time to work on other things while that email does the work.

Once the user comes across the email in their inbox, the negative connotation in the subject line makes it stand out and this spikes their curiosity to open and read it. But really this subject line is to hook the reader into remembering why they left in the first place – and to let us know why and how we can help.

It says:


I noticed that you left in the middle of upgrading your account. Was there a problem on our end? If so, please let me know. Also, do you have any questions I may be able to answer to help you decide if Wishpond is the right fit for you?
You can also check out the pricing page again, here: a link to the page.

Bree Nakatani
Customer Success Lead”

Here are the things we learned:

  • it relieves previous stress points
  • its casual not forceful
  • its unexpected
  • we receive genuine concerns to our open ended questions

Here are some responses:

  • example 1 response: “I need a call first thing tomorrow XXX-XXX-XXXX”
  • example 2 response: “It could be the right fit. I was hoping for some advice on the best kind of contest to run. I want to drive FB page likes“

We’ve increased conversions on our pricing page by 20% as a result of this email – let me show you how you can do this using Wishpond email marketing automation.

In the dashboard go to marketing automation. Create an automation workflow. Now set the conditions that will trigger that email to send. So if someone views the pricing page – paste in the link to your pricing page here and click done, AND doesn’t upgrade – select upgraded “does not exist” and click done. Also enable the condition to “remove leads from the workflow if they no longer match these conditions” and to “Only add Leads to the Workflow the first time they match these conditions”

Next click email to create your oops email equivalent – put in the subject line and add the copy of your email with a link back to your pricing page and click finish and select send automatically. You set the delay time before triggering the email to go out just so that you give them time before it reminds them to come back and check out your pricing page.

If you want to take it to the next level- if they opened it and didn’t upgrade in a couple of days, set up email marketing automation to send another email to follow up to ensure that we did all we can to clarify the situation.

Also sometimes the time may not be right for the user or visitor. It helps to put them on a drip campaign so once in awhile they receive your automated emails. When they are ready they can come back and use the service, and if not in the meantime we have given them highly valuable educational content that they can read and share with other people.

So just to recap:

  • Set up an email to send to people that bounce from your page
  • Personalize the email
  • Create a subject line that grabs their curiosity
  • Ask open ended question if they have probs they can get back to you
  • Link back to the conversion page so they can come back and convert
  • Put them on a drip campaign if they didn’t convert so they can become your warm leads overtime

Try this exact same strategy for your business! Have you ever received an email that re-engaged you? Do remember what it said? Share in the comments below.

You can also shoot me a Tweet with the hashtag #WishpondSolveThis and we will try to answer your question in the next video. Seeya next time!

What do you think? Do you think this could be something you could apply to your own business? Let me know in the comment section.

And have a great week!


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