Landing Page FAQ: What is a PPC Landing Page?


If you are investing a significant amount of money on paid ads spread across a massive ad network then you want the highest rate of return right?

You want the most sales or leads as possible. Period.

Then why aren’t you using PPC landing pages for your ads?

A pay per click (PPC) landing page is a webpage built to convert a visitor into a sale or lead after they click on an advertisement.

This differs from a regular website because a landing pages has only one conversion goal — capture a lead or make a sale.

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Let’s take a look at an example from Fiverr.

I clicked on a Facebook Ad telling me I could get a video intro for $5:

fiverr facebook ad

This lead me to this PPC landing page:

fiverr landing page

When I landed on this PPC landing page I was asked to enter my email and sign up.

This landing page is effective because the title – Need a Video Intro? – and call to action – “Get it now on Fiverr” – are the first things I see when I land. Below those is a step by step guide to show how easy the creation process is. And below that is some example intro videos that link to purchase one directly on the creator’s page.

The reason why Fiverr uses a landing page dedicated to intro videos is because it matches the advertisement Fiverr places on Facebook.

If I was especially interested in getting a video intro made then sending me to the Fiverr homepage would be confusing. I wouldn’t know where to go or where to click.

Let’s look at another PPC landing page from Outbrain:

outbrain landing page

I thought this one was particularly smart because of the tool Outbrain uses on the landing page. It shows exactly how your ad would look in the Outbrain ad network. The easier you can get your point across and present your call the action, the more likely someone is to convert.

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