Landing Page FAQ: How Can I Reduce My Landing Page’s Bounce Rate?


So you’ve begun building an online audience or you’ve started selling some fantastic product online. Awesome. #Getmoney

You designed and are running advertisements.

You set up landing pages for your product or service.

People are clicking on your ads and landing, but they’re not converting.

What gives?!

If visitors are clicking on your advertisements and landing on your pages but they’re leaving soon after — you need to take action. This is called your landing page’s “bounce rate” and it’s the frustration of 95% of online marketers.

Thankfully there’s a million things that could be wrong:

  • Your call to action is not visible enough
  • Your offer (lead magnet) is not valuable enough
  • You’re not using a lightbox popup
  • Your landing page is too complicated
  • Your landing page is poorly designed
  • You’re targeting the wrong audience
  • You’re using confusing language
  • You haven’t included enough information
  • Your landing page looks too scammy

For the complete answer to “How can I reduce my landing page’s bounce rate?” check out our articles The Psychology of Your Bounce Rate, and 7 Ways to Fight It.

Let’s focus on things you can easily do to reduce your landing page’s bounce rate.

Use an exit popup

An exit popup works by sensing where a user’s mouse is on the page and displays an overlay window as they begin to move to close their browser tab. It’s basically a last ditch effort to capture the user’s attention and capture a lead.

This would reduce your bounce rate by changing your user’s actions. The popup should have an offer to capture attention and make the user reconsider leaving your page.

Take a look at an example from Social Triggers:

As you are about to bounce from the page, an exit popup displays with an offer. Social Triggers offers a free e-book in exchange for you email.

This is a great tactic to capture a user’s attention right when they’re about to leave. The last ditch offer for an e-book will make the user consider leaving and hopefully capture a lead.

Optimize your landing page design

When a visitor arrives on your landing page, what is the action you want them to perform?

This should be as clear as day.

If your landing page is cluttered with images and giant blocks of text the visitors might get confused. If the objective of your landing page is not immediately clear when a visitor arrives the risk of bouncing is higher.

This can be resolved by simplifying your landing page design.

There are several things you could do to focus your landing page.

  • Place all your important information above the fold of your landing page. This includes your headline, subheadline, form, call to action, and imagery.
  • Remove or simplify the text that is only necessary to promote your offer.
  • Only use one or two authentic images that help promote your offer.
  • Split test your headlines and use the most attention grabbing one

These are just a few ways of reducing your landing page’s bounce rate. To find out more about how to reduce your landing page’s bounce rate, see “The Psychology of Your Bounce Rate, and 7 Ways to Fight It.”

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