12 Marketing Conferences You Need to Attend in 2019


As a marketer, I’ve been guilty of sitting with my eyes glued to a screen, reading blog after blog trying to keep up with a seemingly endless number of newsletters.

With so much content online, sometimes it’s easy to forget that making real connections and learning from others can be one of the best ways to level up in our rapidly changing industry.

So I wanted to find the 12 best marketing conferences of 2019 to attend.

It doesn’t matter what your job title is, or if your B2B or B2C, as long as you’re in marketing, these are the best conferences and summits to get in-person insights from fellow marketers.

1. AMA Cincinnati’s Trailblazer Series

Date: March 22, 2019
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Cost: $45-30

Description: Dedicated to Cincinnati Marketers, this conference is focused on any marketer who wants to master and re-invent the customer journey through creative and effective content through success, development, and growth. If you’re in the area feel free to check it out.

2. Content Marketing Conference

Date: April 16-19
Location: Boston, MA
Cost: $1,399- $449

Description: This Content Marketing Conference is hosting household names like Don McMillan and David Meerman Scott speaking on the latest content marketing tactics and techniques to master for the next wave of trends.

If you’re a content marketer looking for a tribe of content experts, the Content Marketing Conference is perfect for you.

Keep in mind that the Boston Marathon will be on Monday.

3. Midwest Digital Marketing Conference

Date: April 16-18, 2019
Location: St. Louis, MO
Cost: $349 – $ 169

Description: The Midwest Digital Marketing Conference is one of the largest digital marketing conferences in the Midwest. Rounding up more than over 130 speakers from renowned brands like BuzzFeed, Pandora, Instagram, Refinery29, Pinterest and Google, just to name a few.

Covering categories in data, digital, social media and E-commerce. It’s also one of the most affordable options for someone looking for a low price and high-quality conference.

4. The Brand Marketing Summit

Date: May 30-31
Location: San Francisco, CA
Cost: $2895 – 1595

Description: Aimed for in-house marketers who want to create personalized and engaging stories along with new social innovations and content. You’ll learn about new technologies and strategies.

Reviews have raved about how well organized this event is plus the amazing networking opportunities for business. There are two like-minded summits, one of which is held in San Francisco, while the other is in New York.

5. Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON)

Date: July 16 – 18
Location: Cleveland, OH
Cost: $1699 – $1199

Description: AI is becoming more involved in marketing than we give it credit for. This summit allows experts in the tech and marketing industry to come together and talk about solutions in data analytics, programming, and tactics to drive revenue. Filled with data packed keynotes and segmented workshops, you won’t find your self leaving empty-handed.

If you’re looking for a summit that meets halfway in with artificial intelligence concepts and marketing, you’ve found it.

6. Content Marketing World

Date: September 3-6
Location: Cleveland, OH
Cost: $2499 – $599

Description: No to be mistaken with The Content Marketing Conference, Content Marketing World is one the largest content marketing events around so much so that Youtuber, Influencers, marketers and social media managers globally line up to join.

This conference has organized itself to the T, with hands-on workshops, forums, and 120 sessions and counting.

Get expert opinions on strategy, storytelling, AI, ROI, and future marketing trends to come.

7. Brand ManageCamp

Date: September 17-18
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Cost: $ $2695 – $1795

Description: Brand ManageCamp has been around for 17 years providing marketers with expert advice on strategy, advertising, content, customer behavior, leadership and so much more. This conference isn’t just a sit down and listen style forum, a lot of attendees have talked about the actionable insights and invaluable takeaways they’ve received from this event.

It’s a two-day conference worth booking a ticket.

8. Hawkefest

Date: October 3
Location: Los Angeles, California
Cost: To be announced

Description: Hawkfest prides itself as an “Anti-Conference,” calling their presenters “ringleaders” instead of speakers, and keynotes are taken in a circus tent so you can imagine the fun that’s expected to take place. Mainly filled with workshops, panels, and network building.

Hawkefest will be held at the Houdini Estate, a famous Los Angeles landmark. Just make sure to fill out a form if you want to attend.

9. B2B Marketing Forum

Date: October 16-19
Location: Washington D.C.
Cost: $$2,795 – $1095

Description: B2B Marketing Forum is a spin on a traditional conference, with creative networking and entertainment. Along with specialized workshops taught by experts giving online resources, hands-on training and exercises in four main topics: Content Marketing, Demand Generation, Marketing Strategy and Planning, or Sales and Marketing Alignment. It’s also conference you’ll find some Forbes and Inc. Mag experts at.

10. Content Jam

Date: October 28-29
Location: Chicago, IL
Cost: $949 – $649

Description: Named as one of the best content marketing conference in Chicago by attendees Content Jam is one of the most actionable conferences around.

Sharing insights on conversion and analytics. Once you’ve registered for the event, you’ll get video recaps for each speaker so you can enjoy the major takeaways over and over again. It’s a great place to network with Chicago marketers and gain business opportunities. If you’re in the area feel free to check it out.

11. Forbes CMO Summit

Date: November 13-15
Location: Dana Point, CA
Cost: To be announced

Description: The 15th annual Forbes CMO Summit is an event that’s centered around marketing innovation and disruptive brand engagement. This year’s topic is “Champions of Change: CMOs at the Center of Business, Tech and Cultural Innovation,” focusing mainly on the challenges and opportunities CMOs face with today’s cultural shifts and social changes. A lot of big brands and names frequently seen on the Forbes list will be there attending as speakers or fellow attendee so get ready to network.

Before you go clicking on to attend, it’s an invitation-only gathering, so there are limited seats. You’ll have to go on their page to register if you want to attend.

12. MozCon

Date: July 15–17, 2019
Location: Seattle, WA
Cost: $$1,499 – $999

Description: If you’re looking for an SEO and conversion optimization then MozCon is the event for you. Three-days filled with real tactical advice from leading experts in SEO, mobile, and analytics. Some Google Analytics marketers love it much they mark it down as the must-attend annual ritual. If you think this conference align with what you’d like to learn or where you’d like to network then you can mingle with like-minded marketers at MozCon.

Bonus Round:

Reach by G2

Date: September 11, 2019
Location: Chicago
Cost: $99.00 (Early Bird Special)

Description: There are already so few marketing software seminars and conferences around, so G2 decide to create their own. Reach was created to bring marketing experts together to discuss software, marketing, sales and the people behind it. Not to mention a few honored guest speakers like Neil Patel, Hillary Fortin and Meghan Keaney Anderson (VP of Hubspot) sharing their expert advice on the dynamic industry of software marketing. Whether you’re a software company selling B2B or B2C this conference should be marked down on your calendar.

CXL Live

Date: April 5-7, 2020
Location: Austin, TX (Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa)
Cost: $1,799/person

Description: The premier experimentation and optimization Event.CXL Live 2020 is a must-attend conference for businesses looking to drive growth through optimization and experimentation. You’ll get a fresh way of looking at your business challenges, and learn tons of ideas and solutions.

Discussions will go deep in conversion optimization, online experimentation, digital psychology and analytics. Learn from the best in the field.

How to Choose Your Marketing Conferences

If we had all the money in the world, I’m sure some of us would attend all if not most of these events. So meanwhile you’ll have to choose which events you’d like to budget and plan for this year.

  1. If you want to know which event(s) you should attend, ask yourself what is your most important business or the professional goal you’d like to accomplish…

  2. What do you want to walk away with from the event?
    Maybe you just want to network with like-minded people or to get new insights to bring home. Or maybe you’re looking for new leads or strategic partnerships. Whatever you want, decide ahead of time to make sure you can get the most out of your conference experience.

  3. Take a look at the speakers at each event, are these people you want to learn from? Are they in your field or the expert specifically in your industry. Don’t just go to a conference because someone famous is speaking there, go because someone who knows what you need to know is speaking there.

  4. Do they have workshops that would benefit you? Yes, they may have the right speakers, but a conference is a full-on experience. If you don’t like the workshops then you can you get the most out of networking instead? Think about it.


The marketing industry is always changing, and as a marketer, you have to do your best to be up to date and ahead of the rest.

Think there’s a marketing conference I should add to this list? Comment below and let me know why. Also, feel free to share your feedback if you’d attended these conferences yourself.


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