10 Relatable Marketing GIFs That Will Make Your Day


The best person to understand the struggles of being a digital marketer is another digital marketer.

There’s no way around it, we make it look easy. But it’s way harder than most people give us credit for.

Digital marketing comes with a lot of curve balls because the landscape is always changing. Sometimes we’re too busy finding leads and writing blog posts all the while trying to reach our monthly targets (KPI’s), that we forget that there are a lot of other people out there who are going through the same thing.

So for all the hard-working digital marketers fueled on caffeine or kickboxing with their KPI’s, I’ve compiled a list of 10 relatable marketing GIFs that are sure to make your day.

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1. When your boss changes your KPI halfway through the month

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A marketing KPI (key performance indicator, also known as marketing targets) is the heart and soul of every marketing team.

At the beginning of the month or quarter, we’re given targets like increasing website traffic, driving more product sign-ups, or finding more qualified leads for the sales team.

So when your KPI’s suddenly change halfway through the month it’s hard not to feel frustrated. Now everything you planned at the start of the month no longer applies.

Now we have to break out the late night coffee and run back to the drawing board, and just like that, the month is almost done.

2. When your editor scraps the ebook you’ve been working on for the past 2 weeks

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You spend two weeks writing “the perfect e-book” and the editor decides to scrap it.

It makes you feel like throwing the whole computer away and wishing you could have gotten your weekends back.

My advice, save it for a rainy day. No writing ever goes to waste.

3. When the team brainstorming session goes better than you expected.

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You’ve probably had a brainstorming session or two this month.

Some days you look over at your calendar and see a team brainstorm session booked at 1 pm and let out a deep sigh while counting the minutes till it’s over.

But then there are days sessions go better than expected. Ideas start dropping like hot potatoes, everyone’s ready to take charge of their projects and get started.

You end the day with a full-blown marketing campaign that could help you to meet your monthly KPI’s and beyond.

4. When you come up with a great marketing idea, but it’s not in the budget.

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As marketers, we’re constantly on edge trying to coming up with the next big idea that can generate sales and brand awareness for our company.

Now and then we hit gold and find a jackpot idea with a few extra zeros behind it. But the accounting team doesn’t even give your idea as much as a side glance before they say the same old line, “not…in…the…budget.”

You’re forced to either fight for the idea, try to work around the budget or take a different approach.

If you’re looking for a way around your current budget try these 5 ways to handle marketing on a budget.

5. When an influencer tweets or shares one of your articles

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We spend endless hours creating content for that one moment when an influencer goes online and hits the retweet button and for the few seconds, even hours of recognition and dare I say fame, it’s all worth it.

When Mike Alton gave us props on Twitter for our lead generating software. This tweet picked up so much traction other marketing influencers started to take notice.

Having an influencer share your content is worth celebrating, but don’t relax just yet. Sure influencer outreach is one of the best ways to reach more people, but proving your credible means you have to keep creating content worth sharing.

Are you up for the challenge?

6. When you send off a newsletter with the wrong link in it.

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After crafting the perfect email, you click send and start on your daily to-do list. Suddenly you get bombarded with emails from everyone saying “links not working.” Then you go off into a feverish frenzy trying to make it right.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an email marketing pro, it happens to the best of us. But it does make you look like careless.

Try to send a test emails before sending out a newsletter. Although it may seem tedious, it helps to catch those UTM codes or links you forgot to attach so you click send with confidence.

7. Sitting there trying to understand how SEO works

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As a marketer whether or not you specialize in SEO, you’re going to use it one way or another. I can personally attest to hating it, as much as I need it to help our articles rank.

But it’s a tricky thing, SEO. One day you can use long tail keywords to drive traffic, the next you receive large spikes of traffic and be ranking without even knowing why.

I find that a little help with SEO goes a long way. If you’re still struggling to get a grip on SEO for your website, take a look at these 5 Tips to Increase Blog SEO.

8. When your competitor’s blog is ranking on the first page of Google.

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Nothing hurts like seeing your competitors rank first.

You spend days creating quality content only to get second place? No, this can’t be happening.

But it does happen.

The bright side of your competitor ranking first, wait to hear me out, is that it allows you to take a peek at why they have the edge over your content. It could be your keywords, website layout or blog.

So take a peak and make changes where needed. It’s one of our secrets here at Wishpond, always keep improving.

9. When your marketing campaign finally starts generating leads

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There’s nothing more satisfying than your marketing campaign generating leads and sales. Seeing a successful marketing funnel shows that all your hard work, copy, CTA’s, and designs have paid off in the right way.

More often than we’d like to admit, not all our marketing campaigns generate the quality leads we want.

At Wishpond we’ve experienced it first hand. It hasn’t always been glamorous, but over our history, we’ve helped our customers generated over 75 million leads. We understand that leads come in varying quality types, but to help marketers like yourself, we sat down and wrote down 21 proven ways to generate leads.

10. When the sales team and the marketing team work together to successfully bring in a client.

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It‘s no secret that the marketing and sales team don’t always get along. Our goals aren’t always the same, and this can often cause conflict.

When the chance to set aside our difference for the greater good is at stake, we make a great team.

So props to sales and marketing teams working together to score their next client.

The Rundown

There you have it, 10 relatable marketing gif’s only marketers could understand.

Which was your favorite? If I missed a marketing struggle feel free to comment it below I’m sure I can relate.


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