Twitter – Goals, Target Markets, and Content Themes

Content marketing is the new marketing.

Content marketing is about pulling in your customer as opposed to reaching out to them.

To be successful in content marketing, you need to understand your marketing and business goals. Then you need to be strategic in creating content. Your content needs to serve your business goals and objectives, and it needs to connect with your target market.

5 business goals of content marketing on Twitter:

  • build trust with your consumer
  • develop passionate, loyal customers
  • show thought leadership
  • nurture lead generation
  • gain more sales

Once you know your business goals, and have narrowed those into SMART objectives, you need to know your target market.

With a clearly defined target market, your content marketing becomes much more successful.

5 ways to determine your target market:

  • check your current customer base
  • research your competition
  • analyze your product(s) or service
  • define your market segments
  • list out demographics and psychographics of your target

A great example of targeted content marketing is the London Drugs Twitter feed. London Drugs is a Western Canadian Retailer, selling a variety of household products, including beauty products, groceries, computer ware, cameras, and pharmaceuticals.  They connect with their audience who have become passionate about learning of new household tips and community related issues.


To become relevant to your target market, and obtain your goals, you need to become the go-to source. To become the hub, or the thought leader, you need to write on a number of themes, and make them relevant to your product and to your target market.

Tip: 4 content themes that can connect with your market:

  • common problems
  • relevant news updates
  • ways to make life better
  • points of interest

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