Social Media ROI – How to Achieve: New Email Addresses

Using social you can build email addresses that are far more targeted based on social data to create highly targeted segments.

How do you get targeted email addresses?

It is important to send emails that are relevant to your leads to make your content more personalized and your emails more likely to be opened.Your biggest source of email addresses is usually website visitors and a common way to get their email addresses is through sign-up forms. Another effective way to get new email addresses is to run contests that require a valid email address from the participant before entering.

Users who visit Guess’ website have to decide whether they want to submit their email address or not before they can access the actual website. The signup form does not only ask for the user’s name and email address but also for the gender and postal code to get as much information as possible about its potential customer.


The App Company is  running a Sweepstakes to get more brand awareness and collect new email addresses at the same time. In order to enter the contest participants have to submit their email address.


What is the benefit of pulling email addresses using Facebook?

Using Facebook’s Open Graph you can pull user’s personal data with their email address simultaneously to give you a detailed profile of each user.

Once you segment users by different data points you can send highly targeted email campaigns to drive higher open rates, click-through rates and sales.

Segmenting based on interests (especially if you sell a wide-variety of consumer products).


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