Help Customers Come to the Purchase Decision on St. Patricks Day

People are going to listen to what you have to say if it’s going to help them. Providing St. Patrick’s Day ideas not only creates solutions for their needs, but helps your business create trust with consumers.

St. Patrick’s Day related promotional posts with a solution don’t seem as pushy as the regular ones without a purpose. It’s more about suggesting as opposed to telling. The buyer will come to a natural “yes” and feel confident about purchasing the product.

It’s essential to think about what your target market wants to see from you, and what kind of post they’re going to enjoy most. What are their favorite aspects of your business?

Red Mango showcases a tasty St. Patrick’s Day themed treat below. It’s completely appropriate for the occasion, and doesn’t force anything with the consumers. It’s likely their audience will want to pop over after seeing the delicious display.

The Baddish Group suggests a helpful how-to video. They are effectively helping with their customers wants on St. Patrick’s Day.

**Being specific about who the products/services are for grab the attention of your target market. People that are genuinely interested in your product are likely to click through.

If you don’t feel any of your products/services are relatable to St. Patrick’s Day, dig a little deeper. Businesses of all sorts find creative ways to market during all seasons.

Make a ‘limited edition’ product/service for St. Patrick’s Day. Pier 1 simply dresses up a somewhat regular display with a colour story and a clover ornament.

Sometimes people need help coming to the conclusion that they need your products/service. By suggesting timely promotions in a subtle way, you can cater to their needs and generate revenue for your business all at once.

Want more tips for driving revenue on St. Patrick’s Day? Check out some quick St. Patricks Day contest ideas you can use today.


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