How to Get More Followers on Twitter: Engage with Social Promotions

Engaging your customers is the best way to get more followers on Twitter, and ultimately get more sales through social media.

But, when everyone in online marketing is trying to do the same, how do you get your brand to stand out? How do you create successful marketing campaigns that get your customers to interact with your brand online, making them loyal buyers of your product?  

Wishpond has the answer: contests, sweepstakes and group deals.

Using social promotions can create a frenzy about your brand or products, can make your tweets go viral, and can increase your Twitter following very fast.

Here are 5 benefits of running a Twitter Contest:
– Boost traffic & followers on your Twitter profile page;
– Reach to new users, including followers of current followers and users interested in your industry who may not know of your business;
– Increase your email list;
– Better understanding of your customers via data pulled from Twitter API; and
– New sales

But how do they work?

It’s easy. Whether you run a vote contest, sweepstakes, photo contest, photo caption contest, video contest, essay contest, or group deal, the technical know-how needed is fairly basic.

The big question is: what type. This article details the types of social promotions Wishpond offers, and how to choose which one is right for your next marketing campaign.

Tips to make your Twitter campaigns a success:

  1. Post about your contest frequently
  2. Run contests for 1-2 weeks at a time
  3. Run contests frequently (1-2 per month) – this will keep users engaged with your Page, which will boost your Page’s EdgeRank and in turn create more and more engagement with your Twitter profile page (yes, just like a snowball!)

Mobile, mobile, mobile

The trend toward accessing the internet through mobile devices is skyrocketing. To reach your market, your business promotions need to work on all devices.

Wishpond’s Twitter apps (and our Facebook apps) are optimized for mobile. No matter where your customer is, or how they are accessing your contest, your new online marketing will reach the growing number of mobile Twitter users.

It’s not just us who thinks social contests will boost your followers on Twitter. Check out a few other thought leading sources on the web:

Written by Krista Bunskoek, Content Marketer @ Wishpond

At Wishpond, we want you to succeed in your social media marketing. That’s why we developed easy to use social promotion apps, and put them into our Social Marketing Suite. You gain access to all our contest, sweepstakes and group deal apps, which work on Twitter, Facebook, and your website.

Wishpond’s platform makes it easy to get the most from your Twitter buck with mobile-optimized landing pages, Twitter contests, and lead nurturing tools. Check us out today!


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