The Retailer’s Guide to March Madness – Brand Association

The next step to a successful March Madness social media promotion is to look at how you can tie your brand image with March Madness by taking the extra effort to give your social media pages a theme can help your business seem current and on top of current events.  

Cover Photos

One simple way your company can show its dedication to March Madness is by changing the cover photo. Like Dove, the cover photo can be used as a way to emphasize any March Madness themed promotions. This example also highlights another important point: your brand or product doesn’t have to have anything to do with basketball. Many of the examples sell products and services that have absolutely nothing to do with basketball, but that is irrelevant. Any business can participate in holiday campaigns like march Madness, even if they appear completely unrelated.

If you aren’t planning a March Madness promotion, you can still use your cover photo to show your support for the fans. Powerade makes a more subtle change to a basketball player during the month of March without directly alluding to March Madness.

Capital One also changed its cover photo to coincide with March Madness, but then again, they are an official sponsor of the NCAA, so it would be crazy for them not to do something on their Facebook Page

Creative Photos

For more everyday content, using a photo post is a great way to get people talking. A creative photo that ties your brand to March Madness can help your followers begin to mentally associate the two together. Wendy’s made this clever image below without spending a fortune.

Similarly, Shopchameleon used one of its new basketball themed arrivals to help promote their March Madness sale. Since they sell jewelry and accessories, this is very appropriate.

That’s it for this chapter! Tomorrow’s chapter will talk about emotional appeals and explain how they can be used to boost any of your March Madness promotions.

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