7 Ways to Run an Unsuccessful Mobile Email Campaign (Infographic)


Did you know that over 40% of all emails are opened on mobile devices?

Mobile email marketing campaigns are becoming a popular way for businesses to market to their customers. Many business owners are finding their mobile marketing campaigns are not as successful as they hoped they would be.

According to findings by Reachmail, ignoring trends in mobile browsing and customer satisfaction can torpedo email marketing success. Mobile campaigns require specific tactics that take into consideration screen size, times when mobile devices are used and which demographic is using small screens to open marketing email.

The most effective mobile campaigns take demographics into account, shaping messages to appeal to gender, age, interests, and locations along with other factors.

The following infographic shows the 7 ways that can ensure an unsuccessful email campaign.


Have you encountered any of these problems or came across issues not mentioned in the infographic?

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Matt Zajechowski is an outreach manager at Digital Third Coast. Connect with him on Google+.


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